Woman on a bicycle: where to start?

Woman on a bicycle - where to start

For a long time, a woman on a bicycle could only choose a heavy ladies’ bicycle or an uncomfortable male for them. Fortunately, in recent years, the position of women cyclists is changing rapidly.

Most mass-produced bicycles are essentially designed for a male physique – historically, for a long time; the bicycle has been the privilege of men. Although men today ride bicycles on average three times more than women, recently there has been a steady increase in the number of cyclists.

Woman bicycle

While traditional women’s bikes with their inclined up perframe tube have long been available, this is far from what any girl wants.be too Old-fashioned “ladies'” bikes may be great for shopping, buttraveling them for relatively long distances will be rather uncomfortable andslow. The performance of a person as an engine is very low, so anything thatadds unnecessary weight or flexibility to the frame results in a waste ofeffort. The inclined upper tube of the female frame is not as rational as the”male” equivalent.

A woman usually has longer legs and shorter torsos and arms than a man of the same height. As a result, to get to the helm of a bicycle, a woman will have to reach further than a man. That is why women’s bicycles are equipped with shorter top tubes, shorter wheel steering and often smaller elements such as brake levers, connecting rods, and handlebars.

It’s worth

It is worth finding a seller who understands your needs as a woman cyclist. In a pinch, it may make sense to make an effort and find a store that has a qualified female salesperson on staff.

Of course, you can to some extent improve the comfort of an already existing bike by adjusting the saddle and steering or replacing them altogether. Today, comfortable women’s saddles are available, some of which have holes in the middle to reduce friction of sensitive areas and improve ventilation.

Some tips for women who just got on a bike

If a…

After a couple of kilometers you can no longer sit:

First of all, make sure that the woman on a bicycle saddle is at the correct height. If it does bother you,replace it with another. Also, experiment with different underwear: poorlyplaced stitches can cause rubbing. And if you plan to drive a long distance,use soft cycling shorts.

Your neck and shoulders are stiff, your wrists hurt:

Try adjusting or even replacing the takeaway steering wheel. In addition, you can install the steering wheel with raised arms. Modern ergonomic steering knobs provide better support than the ram’s horn.

Hurting your feet:

Try to wear shoes with more rigid soles, the best option – special cycling shoes.

Manufacturers rarely go to creating specific brake levers for women, but almost every brake lever has an adjusting screw. Turning the brake lever adjusting screw clockwise moves the brake lever closer to the steering wheel, making it more accessible for people with short fingers. This who rode feature is often ignored by people collecting your bike in future mother. It is assumed that you adjust bike house decoration the leverage yourself, and it is definitely worth doing.

Improve your talent

To be more confident in your abilities, learn the basics Modern ergonomic maintenance. Ask questions to a more experienced cyclist, read a good book or visit the thematic evening courses. However, you should not go too deeply into the technical side of things, in the end, you can always go to the bicycle workshop!

Can you ride a riding bike during pregnancy?

Yes, but with some precautions. The experience of mothers who rode a bicycle during pregnancy was overwhelmingly positive. Regular exercise, such as cycling, develops the stamina necessary for normal childbirth. A future mother should not be afraid of cycling at any stage of pregnancy if she feels well. Otherwise, cycling is not advisable. Listen to your body and do not betoo ambitious. Ride your bike upright so that your belly and back muscles donot stiffen.

Outdoor trip planner

Get together with your friends or make yourself new and go with them on regular weekly bike rides. With such mutual support, you will soon go further and, perhaps, even sometimes you will organize weekend trips.

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