What to do a bicycle accident on the roadway?

What to do a bicycle accident on the roadway

Maybe a bicycle accident on the roadway and it’s a natural activity. From the skirmish on the road will not do anything well. Here’s what to do if you start screaming while cycling. If you use the bike as a means of transportation around the city, then sooner or later you will find yourself in a similar situation. A motorist passing by annoyed by your driving style or by your presence on the road, will try to get into conflict.

Bicycle values

If you are lucky, this interaction will take the form of a few poignant remarks about your poor visibility at night, incomprehensible stops or traditional neon spandex. But, most likely, you will be forced to listen to a creatively formulated tirade about your right to occupy the street and the values of existence as a human being.

I very often found myself in a similar situation and already wrote that I attract motorists’ comments. So what should you do when you next encounter a disgruntled driver? How to prevent a accident?

I asked for advice from Carl Larson, a lawyer for the public organization Bicycle Transportation Alliance from the city of Portland. As cyclists, we are in a much more vulnerable position in the event of such conflicts, so your main task will remain safe and try not to ignite the skirmish with a sharp response.

Learning to ride a bicycle

“Remember that a person who shouts on a street at a stranger cannot be called a rational person,” says Larson. “First of all, you should pay attention to his license plate, in case the situation gets out of control.”

Understand that you will not be able to change the point of view of a motorist, taking part in a loud verbal skirmish, says Larson. It doesn’t matter how many logical arguments you have in stock. If you are forced to answer, resist the desire to heat the situation. Instead, remind the car enthusiast that you are human too.

Bicycle experience

“In my experience, nothing cools the fervor of an irritated person like the simple phrase“You scared me, ”says Larson. “And if you definitely need to respond with a gesture, simply wave your offender with your hand or show him your thumb (not your middle finger). If this person is angry or upset about something, you don’t have to follow his example.”

What to do if the driver got out of his car? According to Larson, there is no shame in avoiding confrontation. Although verbal altercations on the street are generally legitimate, if you are seriously bicycle accident threatened, get to a safe place and call the police. Best resource rules of cycling on the road!

Remember the appearance of the car and, if possible, its license plate. And if you have witnessed an insult to another cyclist, provide testimony, if necessary.

Cycling comfort

Remember that cycling should be fun, so follow the rules of behavior on the road and do not conflict. And if it helps you stay calm, remind yourself that any negative actions on your part adversely affect your informal work, which is to maintain the image of cyclists.

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