What clothes for bicycle riding trip?

clothes for bicycle riding

From this entry, you will learn how to choose to clothes for bicycle riding trip. It does not matter if it’s a picnic, holiday or anything else. I present ready sets of photos and a detailed description as well as tips and advice. You will definitely find something for yourself here!

The day of departure is approaching bicycle cloth is most valuable, and you do not know what to take with you? The case may seem trivial, but it’s easy to make a mistake, and then you will be cold on the bone, start to complain and get angry. The little things that make you happy with traveling with panniers will escape you. You will stop appreciating what you are doing now, where you are now. And all because you have delayed packing until the last minute! This especially applies to people sleeping in a tent. In this post, I present you with a few suggestions on what to take with you because there is not one universal set. You will not buy a cloth to bicycle clothing shop exactly like mine, just to go somewhere. That would be pure stupidity. It is better to buy a good dinner, extra coffee, or treat yourself to one night in accommodation. Let’s move to the right topic bike clothing companies best for you.



Please, remember that when you complete your bicycle clothing clearance, you need to know your body well and how it reacts to low temperatures. It’s good to know what conditions you can expect during your trip. In the beginning, I strongly advise against taking too few clothes, especially on colder days. Such knowledge comes with experience. The second important matter is the number of layers. I am a person who prefers to take more thin bicycle clothing cheap from a few thick ones. In this way, I dress exactly as much as I need.



Clothing for a bicycle trip:

  1. buff
  2. comfortable fingerless gloves
  3. warmer gloves in the event of bad weather
  4. rain jacket with a hood
  5. polar 100 or 50
  6. T-shirt
  7. cotton short-sleeved shirt (for sleeping)
  8. cycling jersey xs
  9. Thermo-active shirt with long sleeves
  10. softshell jacket
  11. shorts x1
  12. cotton boxers (for sleeping and walking)
  13. boxer shorts with a cycling insert x1
  14. cycling shorts x1
  15. Thermoactive underwear down – aka underpants
  16. running pants
  17. socks x3
  18. sneakers or bicycle shoes
  19. flip-flops or sandals


This set is not perfect, but practically everyone has similar or similar clothes for bicycle riding clothing brands in their wardrobe. If you do not have thermo-active t-shirts, you can choose the cotton ones bicycle clothing womens. Just remember that they will drain sweat much worse. The most important thing is to move somewhere from home, instead of spending money on super expensive bicycle clothes online. My friend Jacek, drives the Sahara and likes ordinary cotton t-shirts the most. Can be? Yes of course! Remember to take care of your 4 letters. As I do not recognize large soft bicycle saddles, only those hard and narrow, I need clothes with an insert. I suggest you bicycle shorts (probably you already have one) and eventually buy boxers with an insert. In warm weather, shorts can dry quickly, or you’ll be riding half a day without. The world will not collapse 🙂 However, in cooler, forget about fast drying, What if it has been raining for three days? Then forget that they will dry up at all. It is better to wash the ones you were bicycle drive chain, wring out and put on wet ones in the morning. After all, they will get wet quickly. I know it’s cold. Cool, they will warm up quickly from your body …


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Driving at carbon drive bike frames temperatures of -10 to 5 degrees, I learned how much the body can cool down when the legs are not well-clad. Coming to you seems to be fine. When you get into bed or sleeping bag, you start to shake from the cold. Chilled blood from your legs goes into the bloodstream causing shivers. Literally! If it’s cold, wear bike shorts, and thermo pants, running pants or anything like a tight cut on them. At one time Lidl had thermal underwear on offer. For 30 zlotys you could buy decent thick leggings. Craft also offers very nice underwear. It is more expensive, but the breathability and thermal properties definitely outweigh the cheaper products in usa. I have their clothes and I like to wear them;) In such a set as the above, you can also visit on foot, enter churches and museums. That’s why I think



Clothing for a bicycle trip:

  1. cycling cap brands
  2. comfortable gloves
  3. warmer gloves in the event of bad weather
  4. rain jacket ( Shimano Light Rain Jacket review )
  5. cycling jacket event
  6. cycling jersey x2
  7. cycling jacket – windbreaker – optional
  8. cycling shorts x2
  9. long cycling bib pants with an insert
  10. boxers for sleeping
  11. cotton t-shirt for sleeping
  12. Bicycle legs
  13. bicycle sleeves
  14. cycling socks x2
  15. bicycle shoes womens
  16. flip-flops


A set prepared for people who like to ride sports on the road and MTB and would like to try a pannier. In short, you have cycling cloth, then use them! A two-week trip is a great test for cycling shorts outfit. Do you drive 100 kilometers two times a week? Grats zoom! Only after such a trip, you will find out if your insert is really comfortable. I guarantee. I tested my shorts so much and I know that I found the right one. Both MIMO with HT90 GEL insert (currently, as far as I know, it has a different insert) and Pearl Izumi Elite are very comfortable cycling clothing outlet. It’s nice to have something to go with. My colleague from the bicycle clothing store told me that Craft clothes from the Active series sell very well, precisely because of the thicker, comfortable insole. The insert in the Performance series is thinner and will not be as comfortable.

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Bicycle clothing brands have the advantage of having lots of pockets. If you have, take a softshell or a windbreaker with your bicycle adventures. On cooler, windy days, you’ll be thankful that you wanted to drive extra gams. Driving in rigid SPD or SPD-SL boots is cool, but after a day of kneading legs in shoes, it’s time to ventilate and wash them. That’s why I suggest you take away flip-flops or flip-flops. You can whisk them in a “camp”/campsite, and they will be useful in the shower!



Clothing for a bicycle trip:

  1. cycling cap fashion
  2. buff
  3. comfortable gloves
  4. warmer gloves in the event of bad weather
  5. rain bicycle jacket reviews with a hood
  6. thin flannel shirt
  7. chemise shirt
  8. t-shirt with short linen sleeve x1
  9. t-shirt with short sleeve merino x1
  10. blouse merino with long sleeves
  11. merino bicycle boxers with x1 insert
  12. bicycle boxers with an x1 insert
  13. hiking pants with detachable legs
  14. shorts
  15. Thermoactive underwear down – aka underpants
  16. hiking socks with the addition of wool
  17. functional cycling socks defeet
  18. sandals
  19. Sneakers


This year I focused on more natural materials. Mainly out of pure curiosity. Oh, I want to know how they exercise when riding a bicycle on the road. This set is not tested, but I paste it as an interesting alternative to clothes made of synthetic materials. I know that a group of people successfully use natural materials in mountain tourism. Why not try a bike? I realize that I will feel different in them than in technical bicycle cloth. Well, someone has to check it out. Of course, I will definitely describe your observations on the blog 🙂 As for trousers with detachable legs, the whole stand under a big question mark because of their width. I’ll poke something. T-shirts with short sleeves of wool and linen are going to be purchased from the USA producer.



  1. Buffhawk (head)
  2. Pearl Izumi Select GEL gloves
  3. Jacket Shimano Performance Racing Light Rain Jacket (review)
  4. Pearl Izumi Elite cycling jersey
  5. Cycling jersey xs and Pearl Izumi Elite x1
  6. Craft x1 short sleeve jersey
  7. Pearl Izumi Elite cycling shorts x1
  8. MIMO Edge HT90 GEL cycling short reviews
  9. cotton boxers for sleeping
  10. Thermo-active blouse with long sleeves Acis
  11. Craft bicycle legs for baby
  12. brubeck bicycle sleeves
  13. cycling socks canada for sleeping or a cold day x1
  14. sandals


It is a very light and small volume set. He was prepared by me for a hot Hungarian summer ( Visiting the country of Józef Bem – part I ). If I had to go on colder days, I would add: thermo Craft pants, extra thermal + woolen socks for sleeping, some pants with a long leg. shorts cycling I would exchange for ordinary shorts and boxers with an insert and clothes for bicycle riding tips, and a loose blouse Acis, for more fitting to the body (the one from the set to the pants). I would get rid of cycling gloves. The tight thermo blouse fits comfortably under the cycling jersey wallet. At the top, I will calmly put on a bicycle blouse. I know that I am terribly mixed but I hope that you somehow took my arguments 🙂 The set described above, in my case, it worked great! That’s it on this topic…



The clothes that I describe in this post have many uses. For example, you can use Polar or a cycling jersey bib setas a sleeping pillow! When it’s damn cold, dress up a long-sleeved blouse, the second blouse for it, a short-sleeved shirt, a cycling blouse/fleece, and finally a jacket. Two pairs of socks on your feet? Everything, if only you were warm! You can also dress cycling clothes own design here for sleeping. I know that what I write here seems abstract now, but maybe the night comes when you have to put on all your clothes. Yes, they will stink, yes, it will be uncomfortable. Surviving the night is more important! This is an extreme situation, but it can happen.

Although bicycle riding gear even at night is a bit better because at least you move. I know, you can always ask someone in a nearby home for help. What if there are no houses in the area? I’m a bit scary, but bike driving games free online and sleeping in the wild require common sense. Please, keep it somewhere in the back of your head, especially when you’ve come up with a trip for Easter, and your sleeping bag has a temperature range of +15 to + 25C. Each subsequent trip will give you some knowledge about yourself. Pay attention when you are warm, not what you are wearing. After leaving check what did not come in handy and what was missing. That’s how the perfect set of bicycle baby clothes is built!



  • Prepare a list of bicycle clothing clearance in advance and make sure you have taken everything.
  • Choose two thin layers instead of one thick. It’s easier to adjust the outfit to the temperature.
  • Fleece, cycling sweatshirt or hoodie will replace the pillow
  • Protect your bicycle clothing cold weather from getting wet at all costs!
  • Keep one pair of bicycle jersey city in store for sleeping. After a day of driving in the rain, nothing sleep in dry clothes raises morale better than a warm meal!
  • Protect your head from the sun. It is not difficult to have sunstroke. Just a buff or a thin cotton hat. Wear it always!
  • For a trip in the spring months or early autumn, take an extra pair of spare warm gloves. Even in May, the temperature can drop to 0 degrees. It’s bad to freeze your hands, right?
  • Do not allow excessive perspiration. When you drive uphill, unfasten or take off some clothes genie. There is nothing worse than to sweat in sweat, and then to roll with the cold wind during the descent. Brick disease!



I have such a resolution that on this blog I use only photos of my own authorship, which is extremely difficult, especially in the case of entries such as this one. I do not own all the elements of clothing that I have described today. That’s why I would like to thank you very much to the cycle shop design guys for the trust and sharing of Craft’s clothes, Pearl Izumi and Etape, just so that I could do it my own way and show my own photos. Stick to their store and look at the offer of their bicycle clothes store;)

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