Unfolding Experience

Unfolding Experience

What is Unfolding Experience? I don’t understand anyone-

Unfolding experience in my new achievement in recent times, I realize that rather than simply “hype”, folding bikes are gaining quite significant space on the streets in the best bike us.

What’s Unfolding Experience?

Nowadays, it is not new to enter the São Paulo subway, for example, and find someone with their folding in a corner of the car, or pedal a few kilometers in a large center without going through some.

I would like to punctuate the various things I have done with mine! I bought my folding back in March 2012 and from then on she has gained a lot of space in my day-to-day life. The promise of versatility and agility has been put to the test from the first pedals and so far it has not disappointed a bit. And it looks like I “abuse” enough!

When folding began to popularize, I saw in them an enormous potential to make my daily life simpler, using it for urban commuting and small grocery shopping, things I did on foot or by taxi. Despite having other bikes (a road, a touring 700C and more recently a 29er MTB), I found it rather inconvenient to move in the middle of the city with them.

The first pedals were basically in the city, to visit friends, give a stretch in the legs and go getting used to the piloting.


The urban pedal started to charm me. I was now able to move more easily on a day of heavy traffic or on narrower streets, without fear of hitting a rear-view mirror.

With that, I was integrating the folding to my small routes (that before did on foot). A trip to the supermarket, for example, became something much more enjoyable unfolding experience. Just put a rubber band and a shopping bag in the luggage rack or pick up a small cardboard box in the supermarket and “voila”. If the purchases were bigger, I could go with my travel saddles.

Another advantage is that you do not need to leave your bicycle unprotected. If the supermarket does not have a bike rack, or I forget the lock, just fold and put the bike in the shopping cart.

The thing began to climb. How about going to work more often by bicycle?

My route is 23 km, something much bigger than best bike us of the paulistanos does (on average), but I did not think twice. I put the folding to spin and found that even on rainy days, I can move from home to work more efficiently than the bus.

On a day without heavy traffic, my ride with the bus takes me 1h 30 min. On rainy days, up to two hours. With the bike, rain, sun, heavy traffic or on a normal day, it takes no more than an hour.

If you get more Unfolding Experience my requirement must be knowledge 4 most important factors

It sounds silly, but I save an hour a day on commutes. They are nothing less than five hours more in the week! That means I have five hours left over in the week to do something I could not do before … Read more, for example!


Besides being able to go to work, I also realized an old desire: to go for the first time to Bicycle. There were times when he had this desire, but living outside the city of São Paulo (Cotia / SP), was very complicated. With the ease of being able to get it folded inside the train/subway, I could leave Barueri/SP (where I work) and move to Avenida Paulista whenever I wanted!

And it was precisely on this Bike to unfolding experience that I had the pleasure of meeting Michele Mamede. She, the happy owner of a folding bike, had already taken a cycle route and an Audax 200k in Rio das Ostras-RJ. A lot of talks and she ended up convincing me to do the Audax 300k, also in Rio das Ostras-RJ.

Even though I was worried about not being able to do it (since I had run only short distances), I accepted the challenge. It was quite an experience because I could never imagine that a relatively simple bike could win such a tough challenge when it comes to a long distance race.

To get an idea of the agility and versatility of the bike, the 300 km that had to be covered in 20 hours, were overcome in 17 h 30 min. And that’s how, with just over a month, the urban bike doubled the mileage so far and earned status as “Randonneur.” And at the end of the race, my “cycling” mind has suggested another possibility of use: cycle routes.

Of course, for such use, I would need to make some modifications… Unfolding Experience to Best Bike USA may be helpful for you-

Fit and design

It was then that I started a small “fit” design of the foldable: I replaced the rear luggage rack with a higher one, so that it was possible to use larger saddlebags, I installed a front luggage rack to help compensate for the excess weight in the rear and changed the relation original, which was 13/28 7v for 11/32 8v.

The changes made me gain more autonomy of load (45L Saddlebag rear, 9L TopRack front and 12L Handle Bag), besides improving the turning, since I gained a lighter gear (32T) and a heavier one (11T). I felt that now it was possible to face a cycle ride without suffering!

The change made me excited, but it took a while until I was able to make an Intermodal Cycle: Guaratinguetá / Cunha / Paraty.

I left my house and pedaled to the Buttã Metro, followed the bike to the Tietê Subway, boarded a bus to Guaratinguetá and from there I followed (accompanied by the dearest Veronica Mambrini) to Cunha and then finally to Paraty, passing through the famous stretch on a dirt road on a rainy day. More emotion, impossible. It was quite a trip. Exposing an urban bike to an environment like- best bike us this was a most amusing challenge.


Of course, I had to be very cautious, since the small wheels could easily be swallowed by any hole and cause me to fall or some other problem. Anyway, the bike did very well. Even better than I imagined.

Back from the trip, when I imagined I would settle for changes, I discovered a blog by a couple who was traveling by Brampton’s (another foldable bike model): Path Less Pedaled.

On this blog, I saw that they used cargo backpacks attached to Brampton’s (original) luggage compartment. It inspired me to try to do the same. I got a flat aluminum bar, cut in a length that I thought was adequate, I reinstalled the original luggage compartment and … With this new configuration, I cycled between Guararema / Sabaúna / Mogi das Cruzes, also in the intermodal scheme.

This configuration made me relinquish the use of saddlebags, giving preference to the backpack, nice this is the one I use in everyday life.

Enough of being exchanged my “stuff” from the backpack to the bag and vice versa!

Last Words-

And if you think that’s all, I’ve done a lot more: I’ve been to the mall, to the movies, to the bars and even to parties with the folding. It seems to me, there is nowhere to be accepted!

Anyway… almost a year of use and more than 2,500 km, I can say that the folds are simply fantastic: a bike that at first may seem fragile or limited has proved to best bike us be much more versatile than you might imagine. My life has gained much more agility, tranquility, health, and fun are unfolding experience, all on accounts of (more) a bicycle!

In the end, I think I have one thing to complain about: my other bikes must be jealous.

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