Understanding the type and shape of bicycle protectors

Understanding the type and shape of bicycle protectors

The long-awaited bicycle protectors never ceased to please me for quite a long time. Hundreds of trips and tens of kilometers left behind. But not so long ago, I noticed that the tires on my bike were pretty worn out and need to be replaced. It turned out that this is easier said than done since in the shops with all the huge choice there were no such tires that I originally had. So I had to sit down on the Internet and look for a suitable option. As a result, I found out that tires that would fit all bikes without exception do not exist, and each person chooses the most suitable option for himself.

Understanding bicycle protectors

All tires differ primarily in the tread. That it affects the reliability of grip. A larger tread ensures better grip, but also more resistance to rolling. Therefore, it is important to find tires that would provide a balance between speed and adhesion requirements.

You will be surprised to see what a great variety of tires now exists. This is natural, since bicycles are very different, and you have to ride them on different roads. For example, the scopes of a road bike for asphalt and mountain bike are radically different. The first is obliged to move along a good highway as quickly as possible, and the second is rolling along unpaved roads and complete off-road without any problems. After a long search on different sites, I found out that there are several basic types of protectors.

Slick – almost completely smooth surface. It provides the bicycle protector an excellent roll forward, but it is best to use such protectors only on a completely smooth and clean surface. They are perfect for driving on urban flat roads, as well as for driving on the highway. Slicks do not like sand, snow and slippery mud.

Poluslik- This type of tire includes so many excellent tires that it would be very difficult to choose which of them is best. They differ from a usual slick by a low and dense protector. The main advantage of tires with such a tread, in my opinion, is that, in addition to a good ride, it is quite possible to achieve good adhesion on dense soil and wet road surface. Most often, bikes with such tires can be found on city streets. But they are also well suited for performing various tricks or trips out of town. City poluslik differs from the tourist lack of pronounced side spikes, which are needed to increase grip in corners on primers, and in general, a larger tread pattern.

High treads- They are used for the best grip on loose soil, stones, etc. Most often they are used in extreme skating, in the mountains or on special routes. Also, these tires can be used to travel through mud, shallow snow or sand.

Mud protector- These tires have a tread pattern that is rare, with large teeth over the entire area, which makes it possible to ensure the best traction of the wheels of the bike with the surface, even in poor road condition. Using such protectors is the best option for a confident bike ride through mud or deep snow. I am sure that on tires with such a tread it is quite possible to even try to drive through the swamps. Of course, high speed from such tires cannot be obtained. It is quite difficult to ride them on city streets; large spikes roll very badly and tend to break in turns.

Best protectors mudguard are most valuable to the cyclists

For trips in the cold season- Tires that are similar to automobile tires are best suited, that is, the average width of soft cold-resistant rubber with a developed, but not too high, tread. They will provide an opportunity to safely move on loose and knurled snow, as well as on the ice. And to increase the effect on them you can install spikes. Although there are studded tires from the manufacturer.

Regardless of driving style, any bike needs a quality tread. When it is almost completely abraded or becomes uneven, then it is quite difficult to control the bicycle. Worn tires should be replaced immediately with new ones in order to protect themselves and ensure a better grip.

In a large selection of different brands and prices for tires, I almost got lost; however, I chose several leaders for myself. First of all, these are of course Schwab protectors. This company for many years engaged in the production of only bicycle rubber, so that the bicycle protector quality can be no doubt. Also drew attention to Maxis, Continental, and Michelin. In any case, the choice depends on the place of use of the bike. Personally, as a city dweller, I was approached by Schwab Thunder Burt, since it was designed for smooth riding on asphalt and dry off-road. Also for such a coating is suitable Schwab Marathon, but for the soils, the best will be Maxis Ardent, Schwab Knobby Nick and Schwab Rocket Ron.

And lovers of winter driving are unlikely to do without Schwab Marathon Winter stud tires and Ice Spicer Tires. They have proven themselves from the best side, as they are distinguished by reliability, long service life, and resistance to wear.

However, in any case, you should consult with the seller in the store – the choice of tires and the numbers of all the nuances are too large to describe all this in one article.

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