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bicycle kite where to buy

In my previous entry about the first-aid kits ( What to take on the trip? – First aid kit), I have carefully described a few different versions of the first-aid kit. Today is the time to present my ultralight kit – bicycle kite where to buy? I have just traveled and I will have a very limited amount of space. I tested the configuration presented in this post during this year’s picnic ( 386 km | Majówka – Świętokrzyskie Mountains ) and repeatedly analyzed it with my friends. Many people were impressed by this set. The whole is incredibly light – only 180 grams. That’s why I decided to share my knowledge with you. At the bottom of the post, you will find some tips on transporting and packaging the necessary dressings.


Approx. In the beginning, we will start with some explanation such as- bicycle kite plans. By definition, the words First aid kit show that there is no place for medicine in it. Yes. First aid kit is just dressings, CPR mask etc. Zero drugs. Life, however, looks different and we do not heal the pain of the throat or diarrhea itself. Drugs also need to be kept somewhere, so I decided that the best place would be my bicycle kit. I can not imagine holding them in a separate bag …



In this post, I present the composition of my first aid kit. The choice of medicines listed in it requires consultation with a physician. Improper selection of drugs and their use without the doctor’s knowledge and consent, (especially when coexisting illnesses or taking other medicines) may cause a risk of loss of health or life. Also, remember that drugs have many side effects. Storing them in conditions other than those indicated on the packaging and/or failure to comply with the expiration date may turn the drug into a poison. The information on this blog is informative and demonstrative thing maybe backpacking gear reviews are most important to our cycling.

In February 2014, thanks to the entry by Łukasz Supergan entitled “Travel bicycle kite where to buy? – safety or minimalism?” I decided to think seriously about what I really used and what is absolutely necessary. I decided to build a basic set of bandages and medicines. I spread everything on the floor that was part of my previous first aid kit.



I threw away all the ointments from the place. Why? Let’s be honest, as long as it does not pierce my joints, they are unnecessary. If there is a need, you can always buy something on the road So, bicycle kits build your own and get knowledge. Then I looked closely at the bandages and gauze. I set aside the vast majority. There was one elastic bandage, a few plasters and alcohol swabs, as well as rivanol. If something bad happens to me, what chance is there that I will need three bandages? For ordinary cuts and abrasions, such a set is enough. Being seriously wounded, I will have to ask someone for help. In the end, I replaced the bandage and small swabs on the W individual wound dressing (waterproof).

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The first aid kit essential items are also hygiene and prophylaxis. If we travel, it is very important to take care of our feet. A squeezed foot that spends all days in a shoe is an ideal place for bacteria and fungi. If we do not regularly cut nails and wash feet, we can easily get infected. Especially when the nail grows into us. I chose scissors to cut the nails. They are more versatile because we can also cut them with a bandage, patch, swab and anything else. Cutting with scissors requires more skill than using a cutter. If I stick a splinter into my palm, I can remove it using tweezers, which is also in my kit. It is important not to save on scissors and tweezers. They must be functional and not thrown “on art.” The first aid kit king of the world is best to choose everyone



My final set looks as follows:

  • Individual W-dressing – 24 g
  • Gases 7 x 7 cm – 3 pcs – 7 g
  • Slices 6 pcs – 4g
  • Swabs with alcohol 6 items – 12 g
  • Rivanol VP – 4 tablets – 2 g
  • Tweezer – 13 g
  • Scissors – 20 g
  • Rescue blanket – 40 g
  • CPR mask – 7 g
  • Gloves – 12 g
  • Bag Fjord Nansen Drug – 39 g

Total weight: 180 grams


Initially, I wanted to go down with the weight of the set by replacing the Fjord Nansen Leka bag with a string bag. However, considering its greater durability and water resistance, I decided to add weight, at the expense of improved safety. If I happen to travel in a group, I will add a second individual dressing, more patches, and swabs. So, we collect more information about the bicycle care kit website and get known to us.



  • Coal – 10 tablets – 9 g
  • Movalis – 8 tablets – 6 g
  • Smecta – 3 pieces – 15 g
  • Polopiryne S – 10 tablets – 10 g
  • Ranigast – 8 tablets – 7 g
  • Loperamide – 11 tablets – 2 g

Total weight: 49 grams


I have a sensitive stomach, so I left myself with the cure for stomach and intestinal problems. However, I have reduced their number. Other things that are important are painkillers and steroids. Instead of choosing drugs based on paracetamol or ibuprofen, I decided to take Polopiryna S. It has acetylsalicylic acid, which not only helps to relieve pain but also has antipyretic effects. In addition, if we crush the tablet and flood with water, we can rinse it with our throat. Thus, one drug helps with inflammation of the throat, fever, and cursing relieve pain. Due to my knee problems, I decided to bring some Movalis tablets (available only on prescription). He heals the inflammation of the joints. At this point, I will remind you again: the choice of drugs requires consultation with a doctor. Improper selection of drugs and their use without the doctor’s knowledge and consent, (especially in the case of concomitant diseases or taking other medicines) may cause a risk of loss of health or life.



  • 5 × 5 cm sterile compresses – 3 pieces
  • Icing compress 9 × 9 cm – 1 piece
  • slices – 2 pieces
  • Elastic bandage 8cm x 4 meters
  • Cotton swabs soaked in alcohol – 4 pieces
  • Rivanol – 1 tablet

Total weight: 24 grams


In fact, this bicycle kite where to buy? man does not have a CPR mask, a rescue blanket, scissors or tweezers. However, it is worth attention. Due to its low weight and small size, we can carry it in a pocket or a seat cap. My penknife has scissors and tweezers, so I did not have to include them in the set.



  • It is mandatory to take leaflets for each medication
  • Do you want to save? Buy a complete first aid kit. It will be cheaper than buying everything separately, and you will receive instructions for first aid.
  • Do you want to save some more? Instead of buying a packet for a first aid kit, pack everything into a frozen sack and paint a large white cross on the red box. In this way, you get cheap and waterproof packaging.
  • Attach a rescue whistle to the lock handle, help you get attention and call for help
  • Take a condom. It will be useful for many things (eg it will replace the tourniquet, protect the wound from water, replace the eraser holding the meter stand, etc.)
  • Put a few bills of low denominations in the pharmacy (reserve of cash that can save you or budget for additional medicines)
  • When you bring the first aid kit inside the pannier, attach a sticker with a cross to the pouch. Thanks to this, outsiders will easily be able to locate the first aid kit when it will be hurt.
  • If you carry potassium permanganate with you, take some sugar. Mixing them together in 1: 1 proportions and “rubbing” them with a wooden stick, will quickly create a fire. More here.
  • Going for a few months trip, take vitamins and magnesium with you. Monotonous diet and a lot of effort, quickly deprive your body of needed vitamins.

Once you have a well-equipped first aid kit, read the correct procedure for helping bicycle drivetrain kit the victim. Knowledge weighs nothing but can save many human lives.

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