Types of bicycle – What kind of bike should I get?

Types of bicycle - What kind of bike should I ge

Before rushing to the store for the purchase of two-wheeled transport, you need to figure out what are the types of bicycle. This is necessary in order to immediately acquire a suitable bike for specific tasks. In this article, we have listed bikes and all their types and what kind of bike should I get?

Off-road bikes

Used mountain bike

You can meet his other names: MTB, ATB, mountain-bike, hard tail, sister, Inner. By appointment, this type can be divided into bicycles for downhill, free ride, and dirt, straight, cross-country.

This is the most popular and common type of bike. Designed for off-road driving. But modern cyclists use mountain bikes to drive everywhere, from dead terrain to a perfectly flat highway.

Externally, this bike is easy to identify. It is characterized by a massive solid frame, wheels with wide tires and a toothed thread, suspension fork, a large number of gears, rim or disc brakes.

For specific tasks, a mountain bike is completed in a completely different way; it all depends on whether you want to ride along country roads or participate in competitions, overcoming difficult obstacles. Prices for bicycles start from $ 200 and can be achieved several thousand.

You can learn more about the types of mountain bikes and their attachments in the article at this link.

Considering modern bikes, the classification cannot ignore the mountain dvuhpodvesy.

Bicycle full suspension

In fact, it is the same mountain bike, but on such bikes depreciation is present both on the front and on the rear wheel. Rear depreciation is much more complicated than the front (forks). Each manufacturer seeks to create its own unique design of the rear suspension.

Conventionally, they can be divided into two types:

  • four-lever suspension
  • single lever suspensions

The cost of $ 1000 dollars.

You can learn more about this type of bike and the area of its application in the article about two-suspension.

Fatbike tires

Fatbike is a bike with thick tires. In terms of frame geometry and landing, it is similar types of bicycle to a mountain bike. It has high maneuverability. Able to easily overcome such complex surfaces as loose sand, snow, mud.

The width of tires is 3.5-5 inches, and the pressure in them is kept at 0.2-2 atmospheres. Fatback is great not only as a bike for fun but also for tourism in remote places.

Sport bikers

Road bike design

Synonyms: highway, road bike, racing bike. This bike belongs to the category of bicycles designed for road cycling. For the road, workers are characterized by:

  • a lightweight
  • steering wheel ram
  • narrow tires (slicks)

All this provides aerodynamic landing, so a long ride with a high average speed is not a problem. But the pavement should be very good. On such a bike cannot hang the wings and trunk, but it is worth it to ride with the wind a couple of hundred kilometers.

The cost of $ 700 dollars

cyclocross bikes review

Synonyms: cyclocross bike. Externally similar to the shower, but there are differences. This type of bike is adapted for fast off-road driving. It has a more solid frame and a slightly altered fit, toothy tires, brakes cantilever or disc (more common).

Although this type is intended for cycling off-road racing, it does not prevent cycle enthusiasts from using it as a universal bike for driving everywhere. You can install the wings or trunk. The trick to cyclocross is that during racing a bike is often worn on the shoulder, so they are made as light as possible and what kind of bike should I get.

Price tag starts from $ 1000

You can get to know them in more detail and find out their differences from other types of bicycles in our article on cyclocrosses.

Trial freestyle bike

Here we brought BMX-type bikes and trial. Trial models are easy to recognize, they have long, low and light frames, no saddle, a long stem, and a wide steering wheel. The rear tire is often thicker than the front. All this allows you to perfectly keep the balance on the rear wheel and perform complex sports stunts.

BMX types of bicycle also have a low frame. Wheels 20 inches. On the axis, special tubes (pegs) fasten. On the BMX, you can rotate the steering wheel as much as you want, while the cables will not get tangled. This feature is usually used in tricks.

Track cycling bike

Also known as Track bicycle. This is a special type of bike designed for racing on the track. It lacks transmission and brakes. The wheel is connected to the pedals, so there is no freewheeling. Pedal spinning – spinning wheel. Steering ram – to achieve a sporty fit.

This is the easiest of all bikes, but prices for professional track bikes start at a few thousand dollars.

Cutting Bike Handlebars

This is a subspecies of a road bike; it is used in a race with a separate start, and is also popular in triathlon. Here is the emphasis on aerodynamics. Narrow wheels, steering wheel with sun bed, frame geometry sharpened for maximum airflow.

Prices for finishing bikes start at $ 3000

Asphalt bikes

City bicycle

Synonyms: city bike, road bike. The classification of urban type bikes is quite extensive. In short, these are tales for commuting and walking through the park. Properties of a city bike:

  • heavy
  • comfortable
  • have a trunk or basket
  • front and rear fenders
  • circuit protection
  • wide saddle
  • single speed or planetary bushing
  • rigid fork
  • vertical or nearly vertical landing
  • footboard

In short, this type is optimal for short trips around the city in any weather and in any clothes. City bike characterized by unpretentious maintenance. This type is very common in many European countries as the main vehicle.

Prices start from $ 200

Bicycle hybrid

Synonyms: Hybrid, hybrid bike, motocross bike. The types of bicycles are so rich in their diversity that it took to create a separate type, which took over the properties of mountain, road and city bikes. Formally, this is a simplified mountain bike, more adapted for driving on asphalt.

Lighter and higher frames, slow-motion forks, disc brakes or V-brake. Wheels 28 inches, tread moderately aggressive, to maintain stability on the ground and roll well on asphalt. Many complement their bike with wings, trunk, horns and other accessories. Who would suit such a bike? Those who seek universality.

Prices start at $ 300.

Bicycle touring tips

Synonyms: Touring, touring bike. These types of bicycles are ideal for hiking on asphalt roads. It looks like a highway type ram at the expense of the helm. However, touring has a number of differences:

  • frame material steel, aluminum, chromol or titanium
  • trunk with the expectation of a large weight (front and rear)
  • rigid steel fork
  • durable and reliable wheels
  • off-road transmission
  • good dirt protection
  • powerful lighting

Since these types of bicycle are designed to overcome large distances with luggage, reliability is more important than weight.

Not many manufacturers produce touring, so the prices are large, ranging from $ 1,000 and up.

Folding bicycle price

Also known as a folding bike. A great option for getting around the city. Due to the small wheels, the bike folds easily and can be taken with you to the office. Speed, comfort, and control are kept average due to compactness.

Nakat on such a bike is rather weak, but if your goal is not tens of kilometers per approach, then this is an excellent choice. Prices from $ 300 and up.

Names of bicycles

Judging that what is not so often found on our roads, or requires a separate explanation-

Bicycle for baby

There are a lot of them. Two-wheeled, three-wheeled and even four-wheeled (2 additional side wheels). Most often have the same speed and foot brake. But some manufacturers pack their children’s bicycles with multi-speed transmission and different types of brakes, making them look like adults.

Prices start from $ 120

Women’s bikes reviews

Bicycles for girls are distinguished by their design. Usually, the differences are manifested in the frame geometry. Also often reduced the distance between the saddle and the steering wheel. Seats take into account the features of the female anatomy.

There are mountain, highway, city and many other types of bicycles, created specifically for girls. However, most of the beautiful half of humanity prefers what kind of bike I should get to ride traditional bikes and does not feel any discomfort.

Cargo Bikes and Trailer Bikes

It is not difficult to guess that these are bicycles for cargo transportation. Freight most often made as a tricycle and has a large basket at the back. This bike will be a great helper in the household somewhere in the village. And they are quite popular in some Asian countries.

Bicycles trailers are a design with which you can make a tandem. The one who sits in front is responsible for the direction, and the one who pedals on the trailer just admires the beauty. Wow, isn’t it?

Electric bike models

These types of bicycle, which implies the presence of an electric motor. The main objective of this approach is to help with pedaling, but some ride such bicycles as mopeds.

You can make an electric bike from almost any bike by installing a motor-wheel on it. However, many manufacturers produce their own models with a variety of designs and power reserve. This is a wonderful environmentally friendly form of transport, allowing you to easily overcome a distance of several tens of kilometers.

Bike tandem

A tandem is a bicycle that can be ridden simultaneously by 2 people. For shifting, gears and steering are responsible for sitting in front. Sitting behind him pedals and admires the landscape.

Traditional tandems are used to drive on asphalt, but some manufacturers also produce off-road models. Riding such a bike is very fun.

Prices start from $ 500

Recumbent bike benefits

Also known as a recumbent bike. Looking at the photo you can understand that the back of the rider is placed on a special bed. Ligerads have a good acceleration rate, high maneuverability; they can go on for a long time and do not get tired at all. Their only weakness is upped.

Unicycle bike

Or monocycle this is types of bicycle with one wheel, above which a person actually sits. Surprisingly, even this unusual species can be classified into several types: stunt unicycle, mountain, and road.

Choppers and cruisers

These are bicycles for city walks. From the classic models, they differ in unusual design and fit. Often, such models are referred to as “bestbikeus.”

What are they suitable for? For an unhurried pokatushki picnic, to work in the park. They can ride for a long time and not get tired, thanks to a very comfortable fit and wide saddle.

This concludes our selection of types of bikes; we hope that this material was useful for you!

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