Tunnel taxi for a bicycle the New York cyclist

Tunnel taxi for a bicycle the New York cyclist

New York cyclist is a city of taxis. There is the main mode of transport, which is a swirling stream of cars, constantly hurrying and trying to slip into all the cracks to get where they need to go. Taxi cars constantly pick up and drop off passengers, and this is the main danger for cyclists.

The famous newspaper New York Times held the Taxi of Tomorrow contest for the project of a new modern taxi, which possessed such qualities as environmental friendliness, comfort, and safety. The article in the newspaper published the results of the competition.

Bicycle tunnel

An interesting and unusual project was called “Tunnel Taxi” (Tunnel Taxi). This project directly affected cyclists, but rather their safety. The car itself has a hybrid system and electric drive on both front wheels. But the most interesting thing about this taxi is the tunnel in the middle of the car.

As the authors of the project conceived, this design allows cyclists to overtake a taxi without leaving their strip, which increases safety on city roads. In addition, such a taxi helps the cyclist to rest, holding the handles in the tunnel, moving along the route of the taxi.

The very idea of a tunnel taxi for a bicycle is very good, but it is unknown when it will be realized (if at all). Most likely a similar project will be implemented somewhere in a more cycling country that likes to innovate, for example in Holland.

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