There is enough force to participate in the bicycle tips

There is enough force to participate in the bicycle tips

We all once for the first time participated in bicycle tips before that wondered if I could handle it, would I have enough strength to participate in the cycling trip and wouldn’t I be a burden for the rest of the band?

Cycling participation statistics

Especially complex people who in everyday life regularly do not like sports or consider themselves not physically developed. Those who go in for sports can cope with loads easily, including cycling trips. But to go on a bike trip, it is not necessary to be an athlete.

Cycling tourism attracts such a large number of people that they can be engaged in any person. Just one will be harder to start, and the other easier. If you often ride a bike, then sooner or later anyone will be able to overcome many kilometers of travel.

Test your strength?

For example, go, and in the city or on the surrounding area roll 20-30 kilometers. If you have overcome this distance and when you returned home you did not die, reaching the couch, you can be sure that you can already go to a simple cycling trip with 30–40 kilometers a day and a total height of 500–600 meters.

How to assess the best cycling trips in the world?

When choosing a cycling trip, which is organized by various companies, their site usually has a description of the hike by day, indicating the route on the map (distance, road condition, elevation difference, etc.). Hike when the degree of complexity is high, the organizer in the description notifies that the experience of travel is necessary. Such notifications should be treated carefully and, if there is no experience, do not sign up for the trip, but choose another.

Usually, a choice of bike rides of various levels of complexity are offered, and the lighter ones are always more. And do not hesitate to ask questions to the organizers of the trip, if you tell them that a beginner, then it is quite possible that they will make changes to you in the route and conditions of the hike.

Cycling tips for beginners

Beginners better start trying their hand at two-day weekend bicycle tips, and non-profit ones. Register on one of the forums where people communicate on a bike – there are always companies gathering and suggested routes, so you can choose the one that suits you. As a rule, the initiators of such trips are already experienced people who have an idea of the future route or have passed it before, as well as those who have the skills to organize a group, move along the route and other travel-related issues.

Cycling questions and answers

They can also be “terrorized” by questions, as well as by potential participants who are going on a trip. You can also focus on the reviews and communication of other forum participants. Usually, few people are recorded on difficult journeys, and many are on us.

And so, if you are already mentally prepared, found the route you are interested in, familiarized yourself with the information of the organizer – and then have a good trip!

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