Stealth bikes – Bicycle vacations

Stealth bikes - Bicycle vacations

Best stealth bikes are produced in the world and have gained wide popularity in the domestic market. Already such a distant 2005 became a kind of anniversary for this brand, when a million Stealth bicycles were produced. This is an indicator!

What are the main directions for today in the company are focusing and offering lines of bicycles:

  • Folding children;
  • Bicycles for teenagers;
  • Women (“Navigator” and “Pilot” series);
  • Road and city bicycles (Classic series, Navigator series);
  • Mountain (series “Navigator”, “Classic”);
  • A series of bikes “Extreme”.

Bicycle models

Overall models of two-wheeled transport designers and designers have conducted a huge amount of work. That the bicycle pleased the owner’s eye with the appearance, was reliable and the most importantly safe. It was not easy to make a low-priced bike that was beautiful, reliable and provided the owner with comfort and safety.

Popular manufacturing companies

The most popular and sought after are the two lines – road and mountain. This is understandable since they cover the most widespread category of the population and are manufactured in series. Stealth bikes take into account the anatomical features of a person and each family member can choose the model that suits those best, and also just like the appearance.

Models popular

City or road models “Stealth” are presented with a series of 100, 200 and 300. Few manufacturers can offer buyers cruisers – special city bikes with increased comfort and, most importantly, a style that stands out from the crowd. Model “Steals Navigator – 130” of the 100 series, will make passers-by turn and look after you as you pass by them. Those who do not want to stand out too much can choose the classic models of the 200 and 300 series. Manufacturers have not forgotten about the female half, for them, there are purely female variants of recreational bikes.

Perfect combination

Mountain bikes “Stealth” are presented from 400 to 900 series. The four hundredth series was designed for teenagers, taking into account the structural features of the young body and wheels with a diameter of 24 inches. Especially it should be noted models Steals Navigator 500 and Steals Navigator 600, which represent the perfect combination of price/quality and are suitable for beginner cyclists who decide to master the roads and extreme routes. The Steals Navigator 600 features an aluminum alloy frame, as well as higher-level equipment installed.

Cycling report

The stealth can satisfy any potential cyclist. You pay a little extra and get 700, 800 and 850 mountain lines, where the amateur level gradually flows into the semi-professional line with an increase in the line number, the level of installed equipment and the number of options increase. On the 900 series bikes, you can already try yourself on the most extreme off-road and difficult tracks.

Stealth bicycle camping

Virtually all models in all bicycle lines are represented by both steel frame and aluminum, to the buyer’s choice. Accessories for bikes “Stealth” are ordered individually so that the appearance of the bike was recognizable. Components and spare parts are supplied from Taiwan and China, and assembly is carried out at production sites located in Europe. What can explain the low cost of stealth bikes?

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