Specialized bike archive – Is this a female bicycle?

Specialized bike archive - Is this a female bicycle

In fact, women need a special bike, or they can ride on a man? The main feature of the so-called female bicycle is the highly sloping upper tube frame. They began to do it at the dawn of bicycle development by women, about 120-130 years ago. In those days, it was believed that a woman in trousers looked indecent, so the bicycle manufacturers began to produce models with a beveled upper frame tube so that it was convenient to ride in a skirt.

Specialized bicycle

In modern times, a female, dressed in a light dress and driving around on a classic female bicycle, is impossible to see. On the contrary, all the girls are dressed in a bicycle uniform and ride sports bikes. Therefore, today, in principle, there is no reason why it is necessary to choose the female version of the bicycle. Is there a bike for women?

However, in the model range of any manufacturer, there is always at least one purely female model, most likely intended for those women who like this road bike design.

In the specifics of the female body, there is nothing, because of which it would be necessary to create a frame that was different in design from the male one. Within the same sex, the difference in the leg-arm-body ratio has such a wide range, if these factors are taken into account, then it would be necessary to make a frame of a separate geometry for each body variant. All geometry variations are solved by adjusting the steering wheel, adjusting the seat post and seat position. The main thing is that the frame size is within the normal range.

Dimensions of a female bike

As for the female saddle, of course, in women, the pelvic bones are wider, but this value is relative. A large, tall man has a distance between the ischia bones about the same as a woman with normal height. The standard saddle on a men’s bicycle is wide enough to fit a woman comfortably on it. When buying a new saddle of course it is better to choose a female version. On a good quality saddle, it will be comfortable for both women and men.

A women’s bike in the same size is no easier than a man’s one. All components are standard, the frame is welded from the same pipes, and there is no difference in weight. The only differences may be connecting rods of shorter length and a narrower steering wheel in women’s bicycles of the smallest dimensions, but not every manufacturer does it.

When the task is to acquire a female bicycle, then the choice of options is immediately limited, due to only one or two models available, and if you then upgrade the bicycle, then this is a lot of money. When buying a men’s bike for a woman, the choice of both models and configuration options increases significantly. Besides, selling a bear bike with a beveled frame is much more difficult.

Another question is if you really liked the design, and the amount of money does not matter. Then, of course, you have to take it, and it’s better to order according to the catalog. By the way, this is where you can meet, and very often a woman is not a bicycle in a skirt, so it is in Holland.

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