Seven pieces of advice – how to drive a bicycle in the heat

how to drive a bicycle

How to deal with the heat? Today, a complete guide from A to Z how to drive a bicycle in the heat and in principle from 1 to 7. It does not matter whether you are going on a two-week vacation or a few-hour ride. You need to know how to deal with high temperatures and driving in extreme heat! Knowledge weighs nothing but can protect you against potentially dangerous situations. Take 6-7 minutes and get the necessary knowledge.



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  • cream with a UV filter
  • Headgear
  • airy shirt with a stand-up collar
  • two large bottles/bottles
  • Sunglasses


Apply the cream before you go bicycle driving in 40 degree heat, then smear it every 3 hours. Sweat will wash the cream very quickly. Staying in the sun all day can cause severe skin burns after waxing and sunstroke. On hot days I always have a fiberglass bicycle buff on my head, because it protects the head against the sun and facilitates the transport of sweat. The place especially vulnerable to sunburn is the neck, which is why a “fishing” hat or a t-shirt with a stand-up collar is very useful. Of course, the neck and face should also be lubricated with cream. And you knew. that you also need to lubricate your ears? Well, now you know. You should always have bike helmet glass on your nose when driving. It’s not just about protecting against the sun, but above all against the wind, dust, and insects that are just waiting to fall into our eyes.



Water and driving eating is most important. Reason suggests that I should not even write it. However, I know personally when someone went for more than several dozen kilometers and did not even have a bottle cage. Take two bottles or bottles with a capacity of about 0.75 – 1 L / piece. Before leaving the house, drink 2 glasses of water right after returning. Then, during the journey driving and eating law, reach for the water regularly. During the whole day of driving in the heat, I can drink up to 6 liters of water. That’s why having spare cash is essential. If it is golden or darker when you urinate, you should start drinking more. I do not recommend drinking any sweet drinks, let alone fizzy. If you dream of isotonic, dilute it with water half and a half or drink water. You will avoid stomach pain. can you eat and drive? because you know that it.

I suggest starting eating food fast the day with a full breakfast, eg. Power from the morning or uber porridge. Then one – two small snacks (eg rice bars according to the Team Sky recipe and bananas). Then dinner, but less calorific than breakfast. One light snack and a delicate dinner. Avoid a lot of sweets based on chocolate. It is easy to get silky and give stomach ache.

On the road how to drive a bicycle, I use Adam Malysz’s diet – a banana and a roll. However, I eat them separately. For dinner, for example, I eat a roll with cheese and vegetables (without butter – easily rancid) or order a meal at a restaurant. Sometimes I buy a ready-made salad or a piece of sausage in the store and eat it right away, sipping properly. When it comes to snacks, it’s okay to have a small packet of light-salted fingers or biscuits. For dinner, I eat light things like graham bread, skinny ham, semi-greasy white cheese and fresh vegetables. An oily dinner can end with a stay in the toilet.



The point applies to every trip, regardless of the weather

  • PLN 50
  • ATM card
  • charged phone
  • a small pump
  • spare tube
  • tire spoons
  • a pack of tissues


  • Waterproof bag/pouch
  • waterproof jacket
  • The camera


I know that taking five droids seems exaggerated, but it is always better to have some money to grow up. It’s best if we have it in nozzles and fives. Small stores do not always have to spend the rest, especially in the morning. Additional funds will be useful when you need to buy a train ticket. If you fancy a dinner at a restaurant/inn. Pay with your card.

Snejk can happen at any moment. Before leaving, check the condition of the tires and fit the inner tube with appropriate pressure and take with them the basic tools for replacing the inner tube. Make sure that your pump definitely supports the selected type of bicycle pump valve. If you’re expecting rain, and it’s not that warm, pack a waterproof jacket. I use Shimano Performance Racing Light Rain Jacket – Review. When you take the camera, store it in a watertight packet mounted on the frame/steering bicycle wheel accessories. If you carry it in a shirt/blouse, use a waterproof bag. It protects the camera from rain and sweat, which easily settles on the camera.

In an emergency situation, you will need to call for help bike smoothie maker. That’s why you must have a telephone with you. Remember that the battery should be fully charged, especially when you listen to music while driving. And since we are in emergency situations. Tissues are absolutely key to survival. Imagine that you have to go urgently “for two” and there is a forest within 10 kilometers and for the emergency, you need to bike maker online. There are no burdock leaves nearby. You are left with:


When we get out of bicycles, we need a good helmet. That’s why we’ll always use- best Stylish Helmets must be needed.



When we go to a larger group bicycle bar, it quickly becomes clear who is in better shape and who is worse. Riding again with Sokoł Tarnów, I observed a certain pattern of action, which I will share with you. Everyone goes at their own pace, and when we turn into a side road, one person stays and waits for those who shade. The matter would be facilitated by walkie-talkies, or a pre-determined route and GPS. However, this method works quite well. In the meantime, the american bicycle group that was at the front were resting a few kilometers away.

The second way is called pusher. One “strong player” stays behind and pushes “shading” to the “head”. He puts his hand on his back and speeds it up. The method looks more or less like the photo below. It’s just that we pee after descending from the saddle.



In the middle of a trip how to drive a bicycle, it is worth making one long bicycle armrest. Preferably between 12:00 and 14:00, that’s when the sun shines the most. During the ride I make stops to top up the water in the water bottle, buy food, break the shaman or go to the bushes. Sometimes, by the way, I will lie down, sit or stretch for a few minutes hold bicycle restoration shop. However, I do not like pointless breaks, in addition, organized every 5 minutes. It is best to make an appointment that we are making a stop, for example, 25 km or every hour. When you get off the saddle, spend a break in the shade.

If you’re going to take a bath over the water, be careful. Sun-heated body + cold water = thermal shock / spasms. If you have to enter the water, first go to the ankles and then to your knees. Splashed with water to tame the body with its temperature. Only after a long while, you should try to go deeper and swim a bit. After exiting, dry thoroughly and change into dry clothes. Wait a moment before moving. Moist / soft skin + physical exertion = abrasions / sores.



It does not matter if your buttocks are burning, your muscles hurt, your calves burn. Take 5 minutes of rest. Always in the shadow! If you can lie down for a moment, then stretch, relax your wrists, start your arms. These simple treatments will bring temporary relief. If this problem persists burning man bicycle ride, even at short distances, etc. This means that your bike is not suited to your figure. To avoid chafing, rub the buttocks and crotch with cream for sores. It can be a cream from a pharmacy or a special cream for athletes.


Remember! The ointment is not the same as cream. The latter is not so fat, moreover, it absorbs much better



In reference to the first point: protect your face, neck, and ears. I put a buff on my head (it also protects my ears), and I cream my neck and face with cream. On hot days, I wear a Pearl Izumi Elite Pursuit. It is breathing simply phenomenally, and when it catches me, it dries very quickly. For this, I wear cycling shorts (of course without underwear) and sandals. I do not see the point to kneel my legs in closed shoes. Ultra-thin and breathable shirt/outfit is a great solution if you brush up with UV cream. Otherwise, there is a chance bicycle clothing near me that you will burn like Chris Froome. He rode with the wind in his hair, banana on his face, ride with his head!

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