Riding a bicycle in the rain

Riding a bicycle in the rain

Neither we nor our bikes are of sugar, so riding a bicycle in the rain will not hurt us. But often such a ride is not the most pleasant thing that can meet us in life. The most vulnerable people are exposed to further trips (because there is often no place to hide from the rain) and people commuting to school or work (malice of inanimate nature). But of course, everyone can prepare for the rain and basically boils down to a few simple steps.

First of all, a rain jacket – when the window is cold and sprinkles the choice is simple, we put on a soft-shell or other jacket and we can go. The situation is different when the sun shines outside the window. As everyone knows in 20 years the globe will be overcome by global warming, anticipating this event and at the same time, we are not able to correctly predict the weather for the next day 🙂

So even if the sun shines outside the window and Pogodynka on television smiles, it is not said that in a few hours the weather will not change dramatically. It is very good to have a thin rain jacket the best bike for rain for such situations.

Riding a bike to work

I have been using Nalini Kea for many, many years and I am very happy with this type of solution. The jacket after careful folding should fit into the larger seat bag, not to mention the backpack. These jackets weigh little, so you can carry them with you all the time. I never go out without a backpack, so I have a problem with my head and my jacket is always with me. I do not recommend all kinds of “gnomes” and other “raincoats”, storm boots, etc.

Not only do they take up a lot of space, but they also are heavy and it is very uncomfortable to ride them. There are also gnomes in the economic version, sometimes available for purchase for a few zlotys in the kiosk. Made of a thin foil, and when you’re driving you get a balloon. It’s better to put a plastic bag on your head – the effect will be the same – no one.  How to benefits riding a bicycle of your health?

Secondly, rain trousers – I prefer riding in pants that dry up quickly after the sun goes out, but there are situations when we cannot afford to soak clothes (eg when traveling to work). The principle is the same as with a rain jacket – they should fit in a small package so that you can carry them with you always.

Thirdly, fenders – it is true that they will not protect us from the rain, but instead block the water mixed with mud from the wheels. Fenders are also very useful after a rain when the surface is still wet.

Fourthly, tires – we often do not appreciate the quality of tires fitted on rims. At a piece of gum and that’s it. This is not entirely true. In addition to the treads improving adhesion or drainage, the quality of the rubber itself is a very important element. Soon, I will be able to carry out a comparative test of medium-price tires with these ” for ten zlotys ” and you will be able to see that very cheap tires have a longer braking distance, as well as worse grip on both dry and wet surfaces.

Riding bike to work benefits

Fifth lighting – unfortunately, car drivers during the rain “blind”. Therefore, even in the middle of the day, it’s worth to turn on both the front and rear lamps to make them more visible. In the case of creating a floodplain on the road, this is particularly important, often you have to travel along the middle bike racing in the rain of the road, and the car traveling around the bend may not notice us in time.

Sixth, the brakes – the owners of disc brakes are probably rubbing their hands when driving in heavy rain. Their brakes should stop the bike more efficiently than the jaw or V-brake type brakes. That is why the owners of such brakes should, first and foremost, remember to regularly check the thickness of the brake pads – driving with worn-out pads is very dangerous. For this, it is essential to remember that the braking distance of the bicycle is significantly longer. This is due to the inferior grip of the tires and the water that enters between the block and the rim, and this makes the bike brakes longer. Unfortunately, a lot of this cannot be done, just remember it. Buy a bicycle from Amazon and get more relaxed to your knowledge-

For the seventh cover – if you go with a backpack, voluminous panniers, basket, etc., it is worth having a matching cover with you. As a last resort, it can be a plastic bag in which we put the most delicate things. And it’s best to have this and this. Unfortunately, our phone or music player may not survive a few hours of driving in heavy rain riding a bicycle in the rain when it is hidden in an unsecured backpack.

Bicycle performance

After the eighth hole – when it is dry, all holes are perfectly visible. Unfortunately, when it falls harder in some places, water spills form, which does not keep pumping into the sewage system or on the roadside. And holes can be hidden under water. Often very large sizes. When the car is passing, in the worst case, it will destroy the suspension elements, the cyclist may fall off the bicycle. It is best to avoid flood waters by the side of the road or along the sidewalk. If this is not possible, it is best to cross the center and rather slowly.

Ninth, or wait  – when it starts to rain, and we are a dozen or so kilometers from the house, thoughts appear or hide and wait until it stops raining. It’s a tempting thought, but only when it’s falling from a small, single cloud. If the whole sky is drawn, or a large cloud is approaching, the rain may fall for half an hour, but may also last for another five hours. A lot depends on the assessment of the situation, but it is best to quickly put on rain-proof clothes, secure your luggage and drive in the desired direction.

Correct bicycle riding position

Tenth or let go  – if there is a storm or a huge storm it is always better to try to come back home in an alternative way. Maybe someone will come after us by car, maybe we will go by bus, or maybe we will leave a bike with someone who is our friend and we will go differently. It’s not worth playing hard when there is a wall of rain in front of us. Maybe you and your bike can stand, but unfortunately, in conditions of very bad visibility, someone may not notice a cyclist breaking through the water of hell.

The rain should not be scared. It should be simply prepared for it. After returning home and drying the bike, do not forget about its lubrication!

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