What happens if you ride a bicycle every day?

What happens if you ride a bicycle every day

This is a common word do you ride a bicycle every day? You do not need to learn how to drive a 100 km race to get results. Here are five things that will affect your daily, and not necessarily long runs.

For many, daily hours-long trips may seem like an unattainable dream. In order to every day to travel many kilometers, you need to put considerable effort. Most ordinary cyclists cannot cope with this, but everyday cycling alone is quite feasible-

Reasons to ride a bicycle

Here are five reasons why you should ride a bike every day, no matter how much time and energy you have in stock.

Note: If you are not ready to begin daily trips, try first to set some short-term goal (for example, 21 days by bike). It will be easier for you to develop a habit by performing similar small tasks.

If you want to ride a bike every day, but are limited in time, the most logical solution would be to integrate trips into your daily schedule-

Cycling good for health

“Cycling, unlike training in a gym, can easily be made part of your daily life,” says Nick Cavill, a public health consultant and director of the UK cycling organization for cycling.

Minutes that you spend on the bike, on the way to work and home, accumulate very quickly. Sixty percent of Portland cyclists ride at least two and a half hours each week.

Most of this time is short trips. In addition, the use of a bicycle as a primary means of transportation has a positive effect on your health. And you do not have to specifically allocate time for training.

Health benefits of cycling

The positive side of driving on two wheels is not limited to the fact that you stop standing in traffic jams and improve your health. Studies have shown that driving a car leads to weight gain and obesity, even for drivers who find time to exercise.

And women walking or cycling for at least 30 minutes a day are less likely to get breast cancer.

Mental satisfaction

By getting used ride a bicycle work, you will become better prepared for the next stage. Daily exercise helps to reduce fatigue and make you more energetic. Even 30-minute workouts can improve your reaction, memory and creative thinking.  

“Cycling is one of the best exercises that I can recommend,” says Corey Kanzer, a physical therapist at the sports medicine department at the Mayo Clinic. “It helps relieve stress.”

Other benefits

In addition to this, cycling reduces anxiety and depression. After conducting a survey of people who increased the daily time on the bike, the researchers recorded improvements in their overall mental state.

Sex life improvement

Newly acquired mental health can lead to increased self-confidence, which on the one hand is good, but also bad at the same time.

Men who study six or seven days a week think that they have become much more desirable for the opposite sex (women are less affected).

Sexually activity

However, they have reason to think about themselves in this way. Regular exercise leads to increased sexual desire and reduced sexual dysfunction, but only to a certain extent.

Too much exercise can reduce testosterone levels in men. On the other hand, 20 minutes of vigorous exercise makes a woman more responsive sexually.

No more worrying

Plus, you get the opportunity to have everything you want and maintain your weight, but only partly. The old adage, that after heavy exercises you can eat an extra donut, really works. But still, you should not often Masada junk food.

Scientists from the University of Bath conducted a study on two groups of highly overeating men, but the members of one of them, in addition to this, exercised daily.

Consumption theory

Despite the consumption of the same number of extra calories, taking into account those that were burned during training, the members of the group who performed daily exercises managed to overcome the harmful effects of overeating, such as an increase in blood sugar levels and a change in metabolism.

Daily exercise benefits

“One of the reasons for the usefulness of daily exercise is the fact that our muscles serve as a buffer for the food consumed,” explains Dylan Thomas, professor of medicine at the University of Bath and author of the study, “When you use your muscles, they process data stored in the body fats and carbohydrates ” .

Tips to live longer

Daily best cycling tips not only make you ride a bicycle healthier and happier. They also increase the duration of your life, even if you are far from young. A large study in Norway, conducted on a group of elderly people aged 70-80 years, showed that daily 30-minute exercises allow people to perform them to live five years longer than those who did not engage in physical activity.

The authors of another study in Taiwan interviewed more than 400,000 adult residents, asking how much time they devoted to training. Tracing the subjects for eight bodies, the researchers found that by taking 15 minutes a day to exercise, you can increase your life expectancy by three years.

Study participants

None of the study participants was young and did not play sports at the time of its launch. So it’s never too late to start!

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