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If you order your bike online the best bike us, you can make a good bargain. Best online bicycle shop on the Internet can offer bicycles cheap. But as tempting as the discount prices are, what about the service? How far are the bicycles assembled on delivery? Can you do the final assembly yourself on the bike?

Online bicycle shop or bicycle shop?

The decision to order a bike online came after I had already visited a few bicycle dealers nearby. After every consultation, I was more insecure (if anyone could take care of me, because I only have time on Saturdays, and the shops are full). 5-minute test drives did not help me, sometimes I even had the feeling that I was just getting a bike pushed because it is currently available.

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To the crucial question “what kind of bike do you want?” I did not have an answer myself. And since I did not know, nobody could help me properly. At least bike specialists and I do not speak the same language. My ideas about the new bike were too inaccurate for the pros, but their questions were so specific that somehow we always talked past each other.

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Then you better do your own research.

Internet, that’s where I know myself, Let’s see what’s offered on bicycles. So I’ll put in words such as “bike order”, “online bicycle shop” and “bike online shop”. The result of the selection is initially very large but melts quickly together when I look at the first 15 bike shops in more detail. Some bike shops are so confusing that I leave them immediately. For other offers, I am not convinced of the seriousness of the shop. Still, others only reflect the assortment of local bicycle dealers. Since I would like to order especially for an online bicycle delivery and therefore expect appropriate Discounts, only a few bicycle shops are really in question. I stay with a big online bicycle retailer,

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Bicycle Type: Which is the right bike for me?

First, I have to choose the right type of best bike us. That’s not a problem if you already have an idea. But if like me, you only think about a new bicycle every 10 years, you will be astonished how different the range of bicycles is.
The most important selection criteria for the order are:

  1. type of bike
  2. Price/Amenities
  3. frame size

For the bike types, it is especially important for which purpose you want to use the bike. I find out after some research that a trekking bike is right for me. Because I want a versatile bike that is suitable both for shopping in the city, as well as for smaller bike rides.

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My budget is also fixed. It is said that you should expect at least 400 € for a used bike. However, I would like something more comfortable; for example, a good suspension and circuit should my bike already own. I do not want to save on the brakes, but I do not want to spend more than 600 €. This can be a good equipment purchase. Bicycle parts from brand manufacturers such as Shimano, suspension fork, as well as one or the other nice accessories should then be included.

Finally, I have to answer the question: “which is the right frame size”. This depends on the leg length. This can be measured and with the help of a table, you get the right frame size for the bike. Said and done. I measure my leg length and determine the appropriate recommended frame height. A frame height of 50 cm should be enough. OK

After these criteria are fixed, my selection is reduced to a manageable range of 7 bicycles. Now the optics and the stomach decide. Black it should be, my desire wheel, and as far as the shape, so I have a clear favorite: a Trekking ad, the Technique James Cook, with Maura brake, Shimano circuit, and other fine equipment. I liked this bike right from the start. And since there is a right of return of 14 days when buying online, I have no risk, if it should not be the right bike for me. According to terms and conditions, I can send it back. Since the bike is just cheaper by a discount promotion, I still have some budget left and put a new, thick bike lock in the cart.

Bike assembly: the critical point when shipping bikes

I order on a Sunday. Barely two days later, on Tuesday morning, has the bike coming. I see the huge package from afar. Fortunately, I think, I do not have to transport this myself. Maybe an advantage to buying bikes online.

I open the huge package. Fancy! New, black, shiny: the bike looks like I imagined it. I’m excited. As expected, the pedals are not yet screwed on and the handlebar needs some more handles. The necessary bicycle accessories, tools, and assembly instructions are included. So to work.

The pedals are not a problem. I screw them into the threads as described and done. Even the handlebars can easily be straight. But as far as the fine-tuning is concerned, I’m not so sure. My comfort handlebar can be tilted around different axes. It is similar to the saddle. Here, too, height, depth, and inclination can be adjusted. How is it right? Which attitude is best for me? I decide to take care of it later and first check what else to do according to the installation instructions:

“Check all important screws and, if necessary, axle quick release for tightness”. I do my best and turn all the screws I can discover. Whether these are the “important”, of which the assembly instructions speak, and if I have checked all the screws, I cannot say. I’m equally unsure about the “axle quick release” (ok, maybe I’m a dub, as far as bikes are concerned). Then comes the big moment: the first-meter test drive. Since the handlebar and saddle are not yet properly adjusted, I take the wrench, with the intention of readjusting until the best position is found.

But the first few meters are disappointing: the chain rubs somewhere on the side protection and with the new gearshift, I’m not really clear. Adjusting the chain and the gearshift, but that’s not child’s play. At least for someone like me who now has a bike with more than 3 gears for the first time? What now? The user manual is thick and complicated. I really do not feel like tormenting myself through it.

I’m a bit frustrated. Finally, I had ordered extra at a bicycle shop, the bicycles sent almost assembled and thus advertises that trained before dispatching fitters to check all settings.

With the disappointment comes the uncertainty: Did I buy a bad bike? Was I too naïve buying bikes online?
I want to know exactly and call at a local bicycle workshop. I already have a bad conscience. But I openly describe the situation and ask immediately on the phone, if it’s okay if I bring my bike from the Internet for quality check and fine-tuning over. It’s okay.


The professional of the bicycle workshop looks at my best bike us and the installed bicycle parts. “What did I pay for that?” He wants to know. Almost 550 euros, I say meekly. “Hmmm, that’s a good price.” I am pleased. So I made a bargain! Brakes, gears, lifters and other parts of the bike whose names, let alone existence, had been unknown to me until now, are of good to very good quality, favorable for the price. But there is still a lot to do.

This is really clear to me, as he hangs my bike on the mounting hook and first checked all safety-related parts and screws. There were a few more screws to follow than I thought, and some of them were not solid enough. He then takes care of the chain and the gear and it’s a pleasure to watch the pro. There are far more options than I would have dreamed. He tests all the gears and in some places, there is something to adjust. Never in my life would I have done that. When he is done, the chain turns almost in all gears. I am delighted.

Then we adjust handlebar and saddle. This too is an attitude that would have been tedious to do alone. We try different ups and downs until the best combination is found. But then: what a feeling. The online bicycle shop are perfect for me. I’m very satisfied. By checking in the bicycle repair shop, I not only spared myself a frustrating bicycle tire repair shop but also received confirmation that I had bought a really good bike. For that, I like to pay the bill for the bicycle workshop.

Tip: Unpack and assemble the bicycle as a couple. It’s more fun and easier.
Tip: If problems occur during installation or you have doubts about the quality of your delivery:

Please contact the professional cyclist in your area. It is worth it!

Conclusion bike purchase after one year

Ordering bicycles online at the bike shop may be a bit more challenging for the buyer. He should be familiar with bicycles so far that he can do minor assembly grips himself – or be self-confident enough to seek help from a bicycle specialist if in doubt pick up.
I do not regret it.

Due to the transport in the box, it is always possible that, as with my bike, something is wrong. But you can correct those things if you know something. It was financially worth it. Even if I put everything together: bike price + costs for check and fine adjustment, then it was, the bottom line, still a very cheap bike.

My Technique James Cook Trekking Bike is almost a year now. This year I’ve done more and longer bike rides than ever before. The bike is very stable, comfortable and suitable for any normal every day and recreational situation. I had no glitches or defects yet. I am very satisfied with the quality of the bike. Diamondback Bicycles Wildwood Classic Comfort Bike– maybe this is like for you

Sure, you can also buy a good bike from the local bike dealer you trust. And anyone who feels insecure, reluctant to research or shop on the internet is probably in better hands there as well. For me, however, the online bike purchase was optimal. Because what speaks to me clearly for the online bike purchase: these are the larger selection and flexible ordering options. Online shops are always open. I picked my bike comfortably on a Sunday afternoon. If I had waited so long, however, until I had enough time to choose a bike in a (which?) Local bicycle shop, I would have probably put off the bike purchase for months. I would probably still be on my old, rickety bike today.

So I not only found a good bike but also discovered a new sport for me.

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