More than practical – 11 innovative bicycle gift

innovative bicycle gift

The best way to more than practical – 11 innovative bicycle gift-

Every year the same dilemma: What to give for Christmas? If your loved innovative bicycle gift ones like you and we are real bike lovers, there is really only one answer: Something for the best bike us and more. But since most cyclists are well equipped since day 1 for bike accessories, you have to come up with something. We poked around a bit and came across twelve extraordinary bicycle articles that are perfectly suited for under the fir, somewhere between innovative, curious and original.


Connected Cycle – Intelligent pedals

Almost everything is smart these days. So why not pedals? The “Connected Cycle” threads should make it easy for bike thieves while keeping track of your rides. And that with energy self-sufficiency and own Internet connection. The statistics and locations are automatically sent to the cloud and can be accessed via the associated app. The built-in anti-theft system also tells the owner of the bike when it is being moved. So if somebody thinks that he can take ride a bike with his bike so easily, you can already wait for him.


Alcohol-Lock – Bicycle lock for the worried girlfriend

Drunk Driving is not a trivial offense when cycling. The Japanese company Knowhow wants to put a stop to this with the so-called Alcohol-Lock – if you have a trustworthy partner at your side. The world’s first bicycle locks with integrated alcohol test sensory points to alcohol and sends the result via the app to the partner of the cyclist to release the lock. So if you overdo it with the after-work beer, you have to push in the future. That’s a pity.


Buckshot Pro – Now it’s up to your ears

Outdoor Tech’s Buckshot Pro is your on-the-go multimedia center. Enjoy listening to music on the tour? Logo. Load your smartphone? No problem. Do you not see the hand in front of your eyes anymore? Sure, light does the part too. The battery lasts up to ten hours; in addition, the part is shockproof and waterproof. A bicycle handlebar mount gives it as a bonus on top.


Banana holder – holder for bananas

Yes, that’s how easy it is. You get a banana-holder, with which you can stow the banana particularly stylishly on the way to your frame. So you have your power boost of magnesium and potassium always within reach. The holder is made of genuine leather best bike us and can be attached to the handlebar, saddle, and frame or next to the outdoor mobile phone on the belt. Costing? 50 euros. Exclusive banana.


Carrera Foldable Helmet – Great protection very small

Carrera’s extraordinary helmet is an eye-catcher. The extraordinary design in sci-fi look is super modern and can be elegantly pushed together innovative bicycle gift, so you can cleverly pack away your headgear. The individual helmet shell parts are connected by elastic nylon straps so that it also adapts comfortably to the shape of the head. Security compromises are not made.


Lumenus jacket with integrated navigation system and turn signals

Jacket instead of Tom-tom. Lumenus simply integrates into its cycling jacket a navigation system including turn signals that are intelligently oriented via GPS. Simply enter the goal, put on the jacket and start to jet. As soon as you have to turn, the two LED strips of light on the sleeves start to light up. At the same time, the flashing light switches on at the rear and warns the following drivers. The driver only has to drive ride bike; the flashing is automatic, as well as the integrated brake light. If the GPS signal detects a sudden decrease in speed, it will light up. The technology is waterproof and can easily withstand a proper washing machine ordeal.


Spine tics Sidekicks – Smartphone charging with eco-power

An empty smartphone is really not that cool. Especially if you just drive the killer tour par excellence and cannot wait to tell everyone by Strava. If there was only one way to turn mechanical motion into electricity … Bingo that exists! Sidekicks use your pedaling power via two generators, which are attached to the front or rear axle of the bike. The electricity generated via induction is transported via the frame to the handlebar and can be retrieved there via a USB socket. Around 140 euros must be put on the table for the mini version; 250 euros beat for the “Pro” version with a USB port to book.


Holding bicycle airbags – air cushions instead of helmets

Two Swedish designers were so free and invented the counterpart to the car airbag. The airbag for cyclists is comfortably and inconspicuously worn as a collar around the neck. Built into it: an air cushion, which inflates in an accident sensor-controlled flash and the head securely encloses. The head and cervical spine are optimally protected in the event of an impact.

The price is 299 euros. If you do not want to do without style, you will also get individual coverings.


Heisel GEAR-017 – Reflective socks

3M Scotch lite Reflective is the magical material that reflects as best as possible at dusk and in the dark and makes you shine like Jesus did in his best times. Clothing manufacturer Heisel now offers 100% organic cotton socks with two 3M Scotch lite reflective stripes for added safety.

Patch ride – repair without rag rug

We’ve all had a record and we all know it’s annoying but it’s not a big problem. But now that a company comes along claiming they have the ultimate innovative bicycle gift instant disk solution that lasts just 60 seconds, we’re all ears. Namely, Patch ride has developed the soon-patented system, which makes it super-easy to use and at the same time compatible with all tire types. Identify hole, attach tool, in, out, inflate, done. That’s it. Everything for $ 50.


Donkey 6Pack – Drive. Then drink.

Not everyone gets it baked, quite casually on the best bike us with six pack and volleyball to the next park to drive. But do not worry, at least for the six-pack there is now Donkey support. With the 6Pack cycle bags, you can comfortably stow six bottles of different sizes, so that one or the other mixed drink is possible.


Grill Rider

Against the Grill, the rider is the 6Pack but the only pill pale. The bike trailer by 2bellidee is the epitome of mobile bike fun culture and combines XXL cooler, dining table, gas grill, grill tray, USB battery, LED lighting and much more.

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