Man on a bicycle character from the future plan

Man on a bicycle character from the future plan

In the media and on the Internet you can find a lot of articles and materials about the benefits bicycle character of the cycling. Such banal phrases as the fact that a bicycle does not pollute the environment, does not create noise, is inexpensive, and so on. They sound almost in every article that concerns a bicycle.

For those who, even with such information processing and agitation in favor of a bicycle, will never sit on it, there are several original comparisons and arguments, again about the same bicycle. For example, a man on a bicycle is a character from the future, or: a bicycle is a more modern and technologically advanced mechanism than a car. Very funny at first glance, the phrase, if only after its utterance does not further philosophize.

Saw character on bike

1. The bicycle for movement uses the more modern engine than the car. A biofuel-powered engine: bread, milk, meat, cabbage, apples, and so on. You can refuel at the nearest supermarket or grocery market. The car, despite the fact that there are nuclear and space technologies, as well as alternative sources of energy, uses fossil fuels, which was formed in the dinosaur era.

2. To control the bike and its bio engine, the most powerful, modern and high-speed computer is used – the human brain. Those computers that are installed on cars cannot be compared with our mental abilities and creative approach to the next problems.

Production of bicycles

3. By production of the bicycles, the most modern materials are used: titanium, magnesium, Kevlar, and others. Moreover, with the appearance of new revolutionary material, its use in a bicycle begins long planning and preparation before it appears in some components of a car. Only in the most expensive and experimental cars used materials that the bike has long mastered.

4. A bicycle is a character from the future, and a car is from the past. Cyclist and bicycle is a symbiosis of a mechanical device and a living organism, that is, it is a cyborg. We all watch fantastic movies with the participation of cyborgs, where chips and computers are implanted into a living organism. Look at the cyclist and find the resemblance. The car cannot even be called a robot.

Bicycle Company

5. Cyclists are not victims and accomplices of global conspiracies and frauds of multinational companies that control global reserves of fossil fuels that lobby their interests on a global scale. The man on the car “hooked” on gasoline and is a victim in these games. Unlike the owner of the car, the cyclist sleeps well and does not think about tomorrow’s gas prices.

6. Efficiency. The energy consumption for cycling is 22 calories per kilometer, and when using an average car – 1160 calories with one passenger.

You can certainly still give many examples, but these are enough-

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