Bicycle washing – How to wash a bike at home?

Bicycle washing - How to wash a bike at home

Common mistakes and some tips to speed up how to wash a bike at home? Although there are diligent people in the world who polish every inch of their bike, most of us treat this activity as a routine duty. And some do not wash their bikes at all. But if you are in too much of a hurry, you can make mistakes that can not only damage your ego but also reduce the life of some components of the bike.

Here are four mistakes to avoid and tips on washing a bike to make it easy

Start fast

Do not skip the primary rinse. Otherwise, you risk scratching the frame with sharp pieces of debris trapped in your sponge. Rinse the bike thoroughly using the minimum pressure setting on your garden hose before wiping it with a soft sponge.

High pressure hazard

Set too high a pressure on your hose, and water (soapy and sometimes containing degreaser) can get into the bearings. As a result, you will have to change the lubricant ahead of time. Do not use pressure higher than that in an ordinary shower.

Chain lubrication

The last step in washing the bike is applying a new lubricant to the chain. If you forget about this, an unprotected chain will quickly rust. But you shouldn’t overdo it with lubricating oil either; otherwise, the chain will attract dirt like a magnet. Apply a thin layer of oil to the chain and then wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.

Bike polish spray

Polishing fluids like Armor All are not designed for all parts of bicycles. Polish the surface of the saddle and you will constantly slide off it. Rub tires, and the result will be a decrease in braking force. Believe me, you do not need it.

Make easy

Clean the transmission first. If you are using a degreaser, remove the rear wheel and tilt the cassette so that the degreaser drains from it. Check out chain cleaning systems such as Park Tool Chain Scrubber.

Start from the top of the bike and move down. Use a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft brush (usually these are sold with scoops for trash).

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