Bicycle bags for touring? How to transport a bicycle?

Best bike us - Bicycle bags for touring How to transport a bicycle

Do cyclists have their own idea of ​​how to transport a bicycle cargo? But people sit on a bike with different goals and in order to travel different distances. If you just need to get to the nearest mailbox, then your pocket will be enough to put a letter there. If you are going to the grocery store, then you need something more substantial. In general, a trip to a grocery supermarket in terms of cargo planning is perhaps even more difficult bicycle bags for touring than traveling by bike through cities and countries. There, your cargo remains more or less unchanged throughout the journey, but from the grocery store, you can bring anything you want, even if you didn’t initially expect it. It is much more difficult to bring strawberries to the house than to smooth out the folds on the shirt after a day of cycling.

Old trunk ideas

It is good for transporting the goods themselves, such as bundles of books, boxes or boxes, as well as for attaching certain types of luggage bags. In the presence of belts, this is the most versatile way to transport goods by bicycle.

Bag messenger

These bags are time tested, and they have been used by couriers and postmen for a long time. A large bag over the shoulder has become an integral attribute of bicycle delivery. Strong and durable, they will serve you long and reliably. Classic bags messengers produced by Chrome. Despite the fact that they are worn over the shoulder, advanced options have the option of mounting on the bike itself.

Seatpost bags

Someone considers them stupid; others say it is very cool. Carradice makes cool bicycles made from waxed cotton fabric. The only complaint that arises is that during the ride they hang around you somewhere below the fifth point. But if you buy a special mount, then this problem will be eliminated. The advantages of this type include the fact that the bag located behind does not create any resistance to air while driving. You can carry in it something from spare parts or tools.

Pair of bags

This is ideal for long distance travel and how to transport a bicycle? Located on both sides of the trunk, they help maintain balance when transporting heavy load. On the market are bags with many small pockets with zippers or with one or two large pockets. Small pockets are good because you do not have to shake up the entire contents of the bag in search of the right thing. This is especially appreciated during long journeys. Some of the paired bags fold when they are empty, which helps reduce air resistance. Ortles bags are great for rainy weather. They look a bit heavy, but they are absolutely waterproof.

Basket for bike

This type of container for goods on bicycles began to use one of the first. Baskets are best suited for small trips around the city because they weigh more than cloth bags. Wicker baskets made of natural materials are not just not afraid of rain. Moisture makes them more flexible. A basket that periodically gets wet will last longer, but that is if it is not processed with shellac.

Bento box

Came from Japan, these lunch bags come in different sizes. And in fact, and in another case, they are distinguished by a large number of branches. In the small Bento Box, you can transport any small things from lipstick to driver’s license. In a more dimensional version, in addition to this, you can still put your mobile phone and a pair of gloves. Such bags are mounted on the upper frame of the bike.

Bicycle trunk box

These bags are mounted on the trunk. Here you have one large main compartment and side pockets. Some trunk bags have pockets that unfold into twin bags. This is convenient because when you need it, you can use extra space for the load, and then just put it in your pocket.

How to be competent?

In addition to the most common types of bicycle bags and cargo securing indicated here, there are several types: trolleys, trailers, mobile platforms, crates, surfboard mounts, etc. All of these options are suitable for travel or temporary, occasional use. But if you are seriously thinking about the daily transportation of heavy or bulky items, it is better to immediately think about purchasing a cargo bike.

Whatever type of bag or device you choose, there are a number of things to consider. First of all, luggage attachments must match the capabilities of your bike. The luggage itself must be clearly fixed so that it does not swing during the ride. The reflecting tape and fastening for the back lamp will not prevent. It is good to choose waterproof bags of bright yellow color that will protect the load from the rain and make the cyclist visible on the road. In general, bright colors are good in terms of visibility, but dark ones are not so dirty.

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