How to replace the rear derailleur cable in your bike?

How to replace the rear derailleur cable in your bike

In the lifestyles of each bicycle comes a moment when you have to replace the rear derailleur cable in your bike. Usually, it takes place when it starts offevolved to change gears itself, or regardless of tries to adjust it – it still does now not prefer to alternate them precisely. Replacing the rear derailleur is now not complicated.

It requires solely a bit of staying power and a socket for the 5 mm Allen key and chain. I would also like to add that some people think about the exchange of gear to the greater model. I have described it in more element in the entry ” Myth of the rear derailleur”, Where I defined why the rear derailleur itself does no longer trade tons in the bike. Of course, if you have Shimano Altus/Acera, or even less-done Tourney or rickety TX – the exchange of gears, for example, Alivio or Deore will bring a lot of benefits.

In durability. But you will possibly nonetheless have a terrible shifter, a bad crank, a bad front derailleur. The most essential issue to be mindful about this is that the rear derailleur, so promoted by means of some sellers, is only one of the factors of propulsion in the bike. Click here to take a look at the charge of gears. Cycling in the best bike us is the rear shift regulation if you know it.

Rear bicycle gear

Steps to be taken to substitute the rear derailleur in the bike:
1. Of course, we start changing how to put bike chain back on derailleur.
2. Unscrew the nut securing the derailleur cable kit.
3. Next, using the 5mm Allen key, unscrew the historic derailleur.
4. Check whether or not the gearbox hook is straight. If not – maybe simply straighten it slightly. If it can’t be – we alternate it.
5. We connect a new gear. We test whether the plate behind the bolt rests on the tab on the body hook.
6. Screw the cable from the derailleurs.
7. We expect a chain.
8. Adjust derailleur gears rear.

When changing the derailleur, it is additionally really worth thinking about the substitute of the cable from this year. If the historical derailleur has served us for a lengthy time – there is a very high chance that the line is no longer as appropriate as the new one and its replacement will facilitate later altering gears.

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