How to choose the perfect winter clothing drive a bicycle?

How to choose the perfect winter clothing for the bike ride

Among the cyclists who dared to challenge the winter clothing drive, the popular saying is: “There is no bad weather, there is bad clothing.” Instead of avoiding cycling in the cold, you just need to learn how to dress properly. Choosing winter gear is not an easy task, but even for the most severe conditions there are a few simple tips:

Winter clothing

1. Buy only suitable clothing. For winter bike rides, you should choose only the clothes that are perfect for you. Of course, it is much easier to order a jacket in an online store and then receive it by mail, but this will be wrong. If the jacket is too big, the wind will blow between the collar and the neck, or through the cuffs of too wide sleeves. As a result, the expensive jacket you just bought will be useless. Clothes that are small so you will also not work: it will hamper breathing and blood circulation, as well as hold down movements. In addition, too short sleeves will leave unprotected wrist. Therefore, before buying clothes, be sure to measure and make sure that you just have it.

2. Always use a base coat of clothing. If the temperature is above zero, good thermal underwear with a long sleeve or a thin sweater and jacket is all you need. The base layer of clothing that breathes well willprotect from overheating on the climbs and keep warm on long descents.

3. Tights are better than leggings. The leggings will keep your calves warm, but will not warm the rest of your legs. Since most cycling shorts practically do not provide protection from the cold, the use of tightsor thermal underwear would be a better option. You can safely wear modern“underpants” under jeans or pants: several layers of winter camping clothing list will keep you warm better.

4. Keep your head warm. Keep your head warm – most of the heat of the whole body goes through it. If it’s cold outside and it’s raining,there are two options. You can buy a waterproof helmet or use a traditionalbicycle cap. A helmet will better protect against rain, but a cap can also bean alternative. The visor will prevent water from getting into your eyes, and alayer of cotton will keep you warm. If it’s cold outside, but dry, the bestoption is a fleece-lined hat that covers the ears.

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