How to choose a bike? – Complete bike guides

How to choose a bike - Complete bike guides

The main themes of this content are how to choose a bike? On sale, there is a wide variety of different types of bicycles. Understand and understand what you need from your bike, and what to choose for your needs will help this article. I hope, you get complete bike guides and more resource on this page.

In order to choose the right bike, you need to honestly and consciously answer yourself the basic questions:

  • I want to ride my bicycle meaning
  • Where and how will you ride it?
  • Why do you need a bicycle?
  • Disadvantages of bicycle
  • Reasons to ride a bike
  • And ride my bicycle

Have you answered? – go ahead! The third factor in how to choose a bike is how much you want / can spend on this hobby/entertainment/sports/transportation/lifestyle. To understand which bike suits you best, ask yourself where and how often you will ride it. What are you going to use a bicycle for and how much are you willing to invest in it?

Let’s figure out – What kind of bike do I need

Learn to ride a bike, if you still do not know how.  This is the first and most important step for skiing. You can train on almost any bike suitable for your size.

Start with a simple and clear, the main thing is that there is a person next to you who will help, explain, and support the saddle while you catch that balance, and begin to feel that this thing is going and listening to you. When you master this skill, it will be easier for you to choose your bike, because you can already test it before you buy.

Different types of bicycle

So, let’s go through the types of bicycles a bit, for the basis of the classification we take their functional purpose, or more simply, we will tell why each bike is needed.

Standard bikes

We put in this category the bikes that you most likely drove, and which had 80% of the population of the country. Variations on the theme of Ukraine, other single-speed bicycles, with the foot brake,

Sturdy steel frames and charm of nostalgia. Usually used as transport, go to the store or to a neighbor, or carry 2 bags of potatoes. Although formally, they can be attributed to the city bikes. However, they are still widespread in our country, especially in those localities, where a bicycle is a necessity and transport.

Bike advantages

Of the advantages, it usually has an inexpensive price, is easy to maintain, is understandable in operation, and you can bring 2 bags of potatoes. Such a unit is always useful in a family farm, but there is no longer about a hobby, but about transport. If you need this, pay attention to the quality of steel and components, it depends on how long and well it will serve.

Also, look at how the mechanisms are attached, whether the bolts are secure, and whether you can, in case of anything, tighten them. At the same time, lightweight does not play a special role here. There are many options with beveled frames, which will be comfortable for women.

BMX bikes near me

Bikes for the discipline BMX (bicycle motocross) should be paid attention to fans of extreme sports. These bikes are designed to jump, ride on unusual surfaces, fly in the air, and get a dose of adrenaline from the skill of owning a projectile; by the way, from this year BMX is an Olympic sport. These are bicycles with a small, but strong frame, small 20-inch (50.8 cm) wheels and a minimum complete set.

Their main task is not to break when landing and fly well. They are designed for skiing and competitions, held on trails, hills, ramps, in urban environments. Equipped with simple rim brakes (although not always) in the front and rear, and also have only one gear.

My first bike

Most fans of this hobby are young enough, therefore we advise parents to how to choose a bike together, not to buy very expensively (see how it goes) in which case it will be possible to sell it (completely) or change to a higher level. As a rule, when buying a 2nd bike, the landmarks and desires are more understandable. Immediately get protection and helmet, as the tricks on the BMX traumatic.

How to ride a road bike gears?

How to pick a road bike?- This is a generic name for both traditional and sports bikes designed for driving on asphalt. They are fast and light, with large wheels of 27 inches. Your choice can fall on them if you want to play sports, keep fit, like speed and elegance.

In Europe, road sport is very popular, which gives rise to a huge number of fans of this type of riding. If you plan to drive on asphalt – take a look at the road sports bikes. They are made of lightweight materials, have thin wheels, a rigid fork, special equipment, and a special fit – in order to travel kilometers quickly.

Best road bike training wheels

If you decide to read priobschitsya- how to train, and how to ride in a group. True, the prices of such horses are quite high. Another drawback – not very good asphalt pavement in our country, although fans, which are many, it does not bother. On such a bike it is bad to drive on soils and stones, and it is impossible on sand — but it is for this purpose intended.

Highway considers they to be the elite of cycling, and it may not even be in vain.

Often you want to choose a universal bicycle, both for the city and for off-road, and to the joy of our choice, and there is a big variation with subtle nuances and sometimes not very clear frames. Meet:

Touring bicycle handlebars

A bicycle with a long frame but how to choose a bike rather narrows wheels, a wheel-ram which was invented specifically for long-distance driving. It is more robust than a highwayman, has a good reel, and at the same time it can be hung on, equipment, such as a trunk-karma-tent-trunk, and go to conquer distant countries.

Everyone has heard of romantics who circle the world around on a bicycle. If you need a bike tour for long journeys on roads, then look at this view.

A bicycle that is ready to conquer the world

Cross bike review

This is also called hybrids – a bicycle whose design has incorporated the frame of a mountain bike and some characteristics of the highway. It can go quite quickly on not difficult ground coverings and feel good on the asphalt. At the same time, he circled a sufficient level of comfort while driving.

Depending on the components, isolated road and mountain hybrids. In the latter, there are suspension plugs. They are lighter than MTB but heavier than road-builders, which allows them to withstand more serious off-road loads. Suitable for people who are looking for compromise solutions, but still understand that there will be more asphalt on their way.

Hybrid exercise bike

Hybrids are good for city and travel and how to choose a bike for you can train on them, they are less whimsical than the highway, but also a little slower. However, under the desired driving style, you can pick up the appropriate tires, and make the bike faster or passable.

Best cyclocross pedals

Bicycles appeared before they invented MTB – for racing on the ground. In general, we all saw videos and photos from this fan cycle discipline, when men and women, through the mud, overcome any obstacles on a bicycle and often run around on their shoulders. That is, it is very similar to the highway, but with some modified characteristics that help pass the mud.

For example, hydraulic brakes can be put in there, the gap between the wheel and the parts is bigger, so that dirt does not get stuck in there, and the wheels are not blocked, and narrow, but embossed tires, to bite and hold the clutch. And from the highway, everything else came – light frame, 28-inch wheels, rigid fork, steering wheel, gear shifting system.

Since in our country this sport, unfortunately, is almost not represented, this option will be good for people who are eyeing the highway but still have the opportunity to pass simple off-road sections.

Track bicycles

Especially sports equipment designed to ride on the track and is suitable for people who are engaged in these sports. By the way, it is Olympic, and our team shows good results, despite the fact that there are already 2 track tracks in the country. You can give children there in the section. And there everyone goes in helmets with drops, which in other cases there is simply no need to use.

Mountain bikes MTB

It so happened that it was they who, after Ukraine and the Tourists, broke into our market in the dashing 90s and for a long time took the leading position, because everyone began to dream about “fashionable is great with gears”.

Mountain bike should be how to choose a bike by those who plan to spend most of their time in nature, riding on various surfaces: from poor asphalt in the city to stones and cobblestones high in the mountains. Of course, under different riding styles produce completely different models, which differ in forms, equipment level, and price.

These bikes are popular because of the versatility and good terrain: pits, shoulder, slides, sand, roots, and stones – almost everything can be overcome without getting up from the saddle.

You can reach hard-to-reach places (for example, wild beaches far from people), make fascinating walks in nature, train the cardiovascular system, travel, and at the same time, modern technologies provide a good level of comfort for everyone to travel tens or hundreds of kilometers.

Mountain bikes expensive

For starters, you can choose a bike that is not very expensive (I do not recommend it at all cheap, they are usually heavy, you will not get pleasure from riding), buy a second bike already understanding what you need and what style of riding you are drawn to. By price: as a rule, the more expensive a bike is, the better its components and lighter weight.

Well, if you plan to travel 15 km 2 times a week in-oh-oh-oh-nin that park – it does not make sense to take expensive equipment. And if you have sports ambitions, the desire to train and develop, then this can become an expensive hobby; the price of high-quality components is justified: in the mountains, it is just dangerous to drive without disc brakes and a good fork.

Different types of mountain bike suspension

Herbals are the common name for bicycles that are equipped only with a front suspension fork. The most common frame model. Good rides on a hard surface, little shakes on difficult surfaces. If you choose the first mountain bike, just look at them.

Drugs are bicycles that are equipped with a front and rear shock absorber, due to which all the bumps and obstacles the bike passes smoothly and you feel more comfortable. A small remark: cheap dvuhpodvesy will give you extra weight with a minimum amount of useful action, and there are no medium options.

MTB dual suspension

Therefore, two-suspension will be good for those who love and want to ride actively, interestingly and technically, however, the expensive two suspensions are most often chosen by experienced skiers. But the comfort on the expensive two suspensions and the sensations when riding are wonderful.

Rigid bike

Rigid – front fork does not have a shock-absorbing spring. How to choose a bike? Good for speed on asphalt, not convenient for hands that are hit when passing obstacles.    

Types of mtb by wheel diameters

29″ Nainers: a relatively new technology that has already become popular in the world. 29 ″ inches is the diameter of the wheels, which allows you to pass obstacles better and has a better roll than the traditional 26 wheels. Although such a bike is harder to disperse. Among the shortcomings: Nainers are not very comfortable for people with small stature. But those who are taller than 170 centimeters – pay attention to them.

27.5 ″ inch wheels are a new standard that almost all bicycle manufacturers are adopting. It is partly called collusion of marketers, so that people buy new bicycles buying guide, but this diameter has its advantages, lighter weight, improved permeability (more than 26 ″ but less than 29 ″) and such a bike is easier to overclock.

26 ″ inch wheels are the gold standard, the classic is exactly the traditional proportion that gives good throughput, lightweight, and speed, and millions of cyclists drove at this size for many years. If you choose a bike choosing between 26 and 27.5 to choose one someone better equipment, and where you yourself feel more comfortable, there is not some big and fundamental difference.

Downhill bike specialized

Downhill (from downhill – down, downhill) – these are bikes for extreme discipline, in which brave guys fly at high-speed difficult descents with large inclines, roots, stones, jump, dodge between trees and try not to break anything once again.

Accordingly, the bikes for Downhill have increased strength but how to choose a bike to you? massiveness, a powerful fork with a good power reserve, a good rear shock absorber and large, wide wheels on evil tires. They are heavy, and they need to go down. Pleasure and adrenaline such a hobby brings a lot, but not worth it cheap.

Firstly, the bicycle itself, because there is a lot of expensive and reliable components, secondly equipment, in the third it is necessary to learn. But if adrenaline stirs your blood, and you have always dreamed of flying through the mountains, then boldly choose this all-a-path.

Pure city bikes

This group includes a variety of bicycles that are good to use in the city when driving for long distances and mainly on asphalt. As a rule, they are simple, comfortable, and beautiful, they should be easy to maintain and they are not very expensive.

As a rule, they have comfortable fit, not wide tires, there is variability in female and male models, flaps, in order to keep the cyclist clean, on some models, and there are planetary bushings and baskets.

Fixed and custom single speed bikes

These bikes safely settled in the stone jungle, they are light and fast, simple, effective. Fix-system when you pedal and spin the rear wheel straight as well, you also need to brake with your feet.

Single-speed-equipped with 2 stars and only one speed. These models love to drive couriers, riding on such bikes in groups, part of the urban cycle culture.

Beach cruisers bikes

Stylish beautiful city bikes that resemble motorcycles. They do not develop high speeds and are designed for unhurried walks around the city. They are heavy, give a reference to retro style, and give comfortable fit, female models with a low frame so that you can ride in dresses.

Cheap folding bicycle

Folding city bikes are a fairly young group in a two-wheeled family. Functional bike, which can drive up over short distances, and then fold it, and carry in their hands, move in transport. It has small wheels and lightweight. Perfectly solves the question of optimizing the time to travel in urban environments.

Electric bike experience

Electric bicycles – a variety of bicycles in which the foot traction is combined, the work of an electric motor that runs on a battery. Semi-autonomous transport, on which it is good to drive around the slides and which saves your strength.

Tandem bike experience

These bikes have an extra seat and a second set of pedals so that two people can ride them together and how to choose a bike? Of the varieties, there are those that are more suitable for asphalt or more suitable for soils. What we guarantee is fun, well-developed coordination and you will always be the center of attention, but still, this thing is more for fun.

Best recumbent bikes

On such bikes, the riders are in a “recumbent” position on their back, and the pedals are pushed forward. This position is more natural and requires less flexibility from the cyclist. Downhill bikes can be equipped with a windshield to improve aerodynamic performance. However, they are usually heavier than standard racing bikes and cannot compare with them in terms of speed and performance. In our country, meet with enthusiasts, mechanics, as they are not on sale.

Fastest electric unicycle

A bicycle with one wheel. Remarkably develops coordination and sense of balance. If you are able to, they can overcome impressive distances, well, or in addition, learn how to juggle and perform in squares.

The main thing when choosing a bike

Think about how you will use the bike. If you intend to ride on trails and dirt roads, pay attention to mountain bikes. If you live in a city (somewhere in Europe, for example), a road (road) bicycle is much better.

Racing bikes are not very convenient and practical for everyday use. Depending on where you live, shops may offer only racing or mountain bikes. A popular intermediate choice is a “hybrid” bike. Hybrid bikes combine the features of racing and mountain models. Usually, they are characterized by wide wheels and landing.

Bike frameset

For the most part, are fairly light, and rim brakes are used to stop. When deciding which bike is best for you, first ask yourself a few questions. How long will your trips last? How often do you plan to use the bike?

Do you need a bicycle for fun or as a means of transportation? What have you done in the past? By answering all these basic questions, how to choose a bike you get a good idea of what features you need in a bicycle. If you want to ride a bike every day from home to work, most likely you need a fast and easy road/road bike.

If you need a bike on which you can put additional components, such as a basket/trunk pay attention to the hybrid and cruise models. Well, if you intend to train and ride on difficult routes and bad roads, then the mountain bike will be exactly what you are looking for.

Decide what features you need

  • Decide what is more important to you: quality or price. Prices for bikes can vary greatly, depending on what type of model you are looking for, where you are looking for it and how much quality materials you need. Road bikes can develop quite good speed but can be quite expensive, depending on the quality of materials. Cruise or hybrid bikes offer more space for accessories, such as baskets and saddle bags.
  • If you plan to install a basket, saddle bag or baby seat, make sure that the frame is compatible with these devices. In many bicycle shops, there are models in the complete set, already equipped with such components.
  • If you intend to install many accessories, avoid bicycles from large supermarkets (so-called “Aachen-bikes”). These bikes are cheaper, but usually; do not have a design suitable for accessories. Since materials do not differ in quality, an increase in weight can lead to a bike breakdown or a decrease in performance.
  • Think about how often you want to use your bike. If you drive it to work almost every day, invest in a quality model. Most of the more expensive and high-quality bikes are assembled from durable and lightweight materials that provide high performance and good durability.

You know what terrain you will drive

Road and mountain bikes cheap usually have shifting gears driven by steering wheels. Bicycles that can shift gears are very useful for most riders, especially in hilly terrain. Bicycles with fixed gear do not have switches, are fast and easy, well-suited for traveling on flat surfaces, but require certain skills.

Bicycles with gearshifts allow you to adjust the effort required to rotate the pedals but how to choose a bike to you? Under hills, wind or your own fatigue. However, such systems increase the cost, complexity, and weight of the bike.

For many people traveling through busy and mostly flat streets, a fixed gear bike (sometimes called the grouse) will suit. Most bicycles can be converted to a fixed gear. But if the frame is not designed for this, you will need a chain tensioner.

Such bikes are good for people who need simplicity and speed. However, to get used to them, it will take some time. Infix bikes there is no free play, so you have to constantly pedal to move forward. Single speed bikes look like fixed bikes, but they still have a free ride, which means they can roll without extra effort.

Decide on the desired level of comfort

Comfort bike saddle is not just how you feel on the seat. Depending on the area and the average duration of trips, you need a comfortable and easy-to-operate bicycle. Cruise models usually have a large seat and allow you to sit straight.

Touring bikes are capable of carrying heavy loads, and are usually equipped with detachable saddlebags to improve aerodynamics. Road/road bikes also allow you to take an aerodynamic position, but may not be very comfortable due to the small and light parts, focused on speed, and not comfort.

  • Stop on a mountain bike if you have to ride through mud and big bumps. Many mountain bikes are equipped with at least a front suspension that increases comfort and improves handling on uneven surfaces. Due to its stability, mountain bikes are also well suited for driving in the city. They easily cope with curbs and other similar obstacles. In addition, how to choose a bike or mountain bikes may seem easier for beginners to drive.
  • Choose a road or touring bike if driving on smooth roads and surfaces. Such bikes usually have adjustable handles that allow you to change the position of the hands and posture if desired. Tourist models will be more convenient if you plan to carry a lot of things with you, as they are equipped with fasteners necessary for the transport of goods. Touring and road bikes cheap also have gears that allow you to change resistance when meeting a hill or strong wind.
  • Hybrid bikes are suitable for those who like to sit up straight and prefer soft seats. Tires on hybrid bikes are wider and stronger than on the road or touring models, and therefore make it easy to drive in almost any terrain.

Find a bike that fits you well

  • This is a very important factor. Different bikes have different dimensions for different types of people. Make sure the seat is not set too high. You should easily sit on the bike and get off of it, without experiencing discomfort.
  • Make sure that you easily reach the handlebars. With the right grip, your elbows should bend a little. Even on road or racing bikes, you do not have to lean forward much when taking the wheel. When driving, you should be able to look forward without straining your neck too much. If you lean forward and overwhelm the ground, the steering wheel is too far from the seat.
  • The size of the frame and the height of the seat also affect the comfort. Look for a bike with an adjustable seat. Remember that in order to maintain bike control, your legs must reach to the ground.
  • Although most bikes have adjustable suspension components, you need to find a model in the saddle that you will be comfortable with. When the pedal is in the 3 o’clock position, your knee should be located directly above the arch of the foot. This will reduce the load on your knees.
  • Check wheel size. Bicycles are equipped with tires from 12 inches for children, up to standard 26, 28 or 29 inches for adults. Specialized racing bikes usually have 28-inch wheels. Big wheels increase speed, but if they are too big for your height, it will be more difficult to drive.

Build or buy a bike?

Take a test ride on a bicycle before purchasing it. If the store does not allow you to ride a bike right, find another one or borrow a similar model from a friend. It is much easier to immediately buy a bike that suits you than to get used to an uncomfortable model.

  • Take a ride down the street to feel the bike well. It should be comfortable and easy to manage. Make sure that you easily reach the steering wheel and other components, such as gearshifts and brakes.
  • Check the gearshift and brake system. See how easy gear shifts and how quickly the brake system responds and how to choose a bike? The bike should be responsive, and shifting speeds on the bike or braking should not take too much effort.
  • Practice turning. Maneuvering should be comfortable. Some bikes are lighter than others and require increased accuracy when maneuvering. If the bike seems to you not too comfortable, look for a model on which you will feel more natural.

Test weight materials

Regardless of the type of bike, there are several weight categories and types of materials-

  • If you are asking about a mountain bike, ask how much the frame weighs and how it affects performance. Although mountain models are usually heavier than road models, it may be difficult for you to drive a heavy bike. Check the quality of the suspension. Dvuhpodvesnye mountain bikes are designed for serious off-road fans. You do not need too good suspension if you are not going to constantly ride over rough terrain.
  • Road and touring bikes offer much more options in terms of frames and their design. Performance-oriented models can use carbon frames. Carbon is a very lightweight material that helps achieve high performance and speed. However, carbon bicycle frames are more expensive than usual. The material and shape of your frame can affect your level of comfort and speed. However, all this may not be so important for you. Although carbon is popular because of its lightness, it is easy to damage. Aluminum frames can be heavier, but they are characterized by high strength and low price.
  • Pick a bike with tires suitable for your needs. Thin tires on road bikes provide speed and reduce overall weight. However, they are not suitable for stony terrain and are prone to puncture. Tourists have thicker tires with increased protection, which allows you to drive on almost any surface. Well, their improved projectors help increase grip on wet or slippery roads.

Buy a finish line bikes or provide it with an assembly by professionals

  • This is especially true for bike models name equipped with switches – components that hold the chain on the bike. If the bike is being assembled by professionals, you can be sure that all the bolts and nuts will be firmly tightened and the accessories will be properly installed.
  • If you are new to the bicycle world, it will be much easier for you to get comfortable with a professionally assembled bicycle. Employees of bicycle workshops will make sure that your bike is well tuned and that all nodes work as it should.
  • Using the service of professional bicycle assembly, you can be sure that all its elements, starting with the seat position and ending with accessories, are customized for you. Workers in the workshop will take your measurements and fit the bike perfectly to your complexion, ensuring the best driving conditions and a high level of safety.

Bicycle buying guide

  • Consider buying bicycle wings. They will protect your back from dirt during daily trips.
  • It will be much easier for you to buy a bike if you go to a specialty store rather than a large supermarket. In these stores work knowledgeable people who will help you make the right choice.
  • Thick tires with good tread improve traction. However, they also complicate driving. The rotation of these tires requires much more energy. If you are not going to go on a serious journey over rough terrain, buy a tire with a shallow tread. Smooth tires are well suited for driving on roads, but they are intended mainly for racing. Such tires can slip on wet roads and are more expensive. Fortunately, stores offer a wide range of shallow tread road tires that provide acceptable grip and speed.
  • Mountain bike vector are often bought and used as a road. Although they are convenient and easy to drive, you won’t get the same performance from them as models specifically designed for driving on roads.
  • It is better to purchase an already assembled bicycle. For the assembly will need to hire professionals who will cost you cheap. If you do not have experience assembling bicycles, buy ready-made. May be its costly then how to choose a bike you?
  • Tell a specialist what you plan to use a bicycle for, what functions you are looking for and how much experience you have. Employees of bicycle shops will be able to choose the right model for you.

Warnings for the future cyclist

  • Always (!!!) wear a helmet. Head injuries can make you handicapped for the rest of your life. Determine helmet size will help this article.
  • Try not to ride in the rain. Wet roads make bike rides very dangerous.
  • Make sure your brakes are always up and you can easily stop.
  • If you go on a night trip, wear reflective gear and turn on your lights. This will help other road users to notice you.
  • Buy a good lock and always lock your bike. Road bikes in cities are often stolen because of their cost. Invest in a lock that cannot be cut. When locking the bike, tie the front wheel and frame to the parking lot. Removing the rear wheel is much more difficult than the front.

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