How to buy a bicycle online – A question left in the reader

How to buy a bicycle online - A question left in the reader

The main theme is how to buy a bicycle online. Received an e-mail asking Sylwia, the reader of this blog, to help her buy a trekking bike. As the question is quite extensive, I will try to dispel all doubts of Sylwia in this very entry. In private correspondence, I went with Sylwia to you, but I left the original content of the first e-mail. Everyone buying a bicycle online. Today’s I will show you how to buy a bike online step by step – everything you need to know?


I am writing to you because I plan to buy a bike in the near future. While browsing articles on the Internet in search of advice on what to pay attention to during the purchase, I found, among others, on you’re cycling page. I noticed that you are a great lover of bikes and have a lot of knowledge about them. That’s why I decided to write to you and kindly ask for help in choosing the right model if of course, you will have the time and willingness to advise me.

I decided on a trekking bike (I drive mainly around the city and asphalt roads, very rarely so-called “treads” though sometimes it happens). As for the aspects mentioned by you which are worth paying attention to (price, weight, hoops …), I will describe them in turn:

PRICE: at the moment I have an amount up to 1,000 PLN. And here is my question whether I will search how to buy a bicycle online “real” good bike at this price or is it worth to put it down again?

Unfortunately, I have to worry about you. For 1000 PLN you will buy a fairly good bike, but it will not be really good. You did not write how many kilometers a month you drive, but if they are commuting several kilometers to work/school, 1000 PLN will not be a bad amount. The points to take into account when buying your bike and get knowledge-

HEAVY: I do not have any special ambitions when it comes to “slimming down” of the bike, although it is known that I would not like it to be very heavy.

If you buy fully “armed” trek (fenders, trunk), unfortunately, it will never be light. But most importantly, it would oscillate around 16-18 kg.

RIMS: I think that if using mainly asphalt, then 28 inches will be better. Of course, aluminum, I just wanted to ask about the exact meaning of these eyelets at the spokes: what they give, how to drive, when there are none, is it really worth deciding?

28 inches will definitely be a better choice, you will be able to drive faster and run more efficiently under curbs. When it comes to looped rims, it is simply strengthening the link between the spokes and the rim. Thanks to this, the wheel is more resistant to the distraction – in other words, it is less likely that it will beat sideways after some time.


POSITIONS AND RUNS: of course three gears at the front and 7 at the rear

At this price, there is basically no other solution. In fact, 7 sprockets in the rear are enough. If you have the ambition to drive sometimes a little faster – look for 11 teeth in the back, although it may be a breakneck task to find such a bike 🙂

MANETKI: I prefer rotating but it is not the most important to me

The shifter is a matter of who likes what. I used to have a rotary one, now I have blown and it really does not matter to me.

BRAKES: I would like them to be shielded. However, when I was looking on the Internet, I found many opinions as to whether the mechanical or hydraulic ones are better and I do not know too much which I should choose.

If we’re talking about a bike for PLN 1000 – forget about the shields. At this price, you will get a bike with mechanical discs, but it will not be a good purchase – at least when it comes to regulating such an invention. It is better to bet on light, low-maintenance and banal in regulating the V-Brake. When you drive a recreation, you really do not need circular disks. Especially rubbish discs.

HOOKS AND FITTINGS: I understand that here you just need to pay attention to the easy dismantling of individual parts. Or maybe it matters more?

This is an individual matter. Quick couplings on wheels and saddle are very useful when we often carry a bicycle, eg in the trunk of a car. But if you leave your bike pinned somewhere longer, there is always and more how to buy a bicycle online a greater risk of someone nibbling on a wheel or saddle.

BRAKE PADS: aluminum.

As much as possible – plastic is for children.

AND HANDS: I would prefer foam, but this is also not the most important parameter.

The most important thing would be comfortable for you. You can buy hands for as little as PLN 10-20 – so you have a wide range of options.

SHOCK ABSORBERS: when it comes to shock absorbers, I read that good one are very expensive and mainly for driving freaks in the field, and only the front shock absorber is sufficient for city driving. So I wanted to ask here whether it is worth investing in such a bike with a front shock absorber or is it better to buy it completely without?

In trekking, you will have only one shock absorber. And very well. Because the back is either for off-road driving or for “biking” in a housing estate with a cheap bicycle from a hypermarket. I gave up on my bike with the front shock absorber – they weigh a lot, and the depreciation is poor. But if you do not intend to beat speed records – take it with a shock absorber, it will come in handy to get to the curbs.


In addition, from other articles you read, among others, about:

FRAME: I would like it to be aluminum

Now it’s harder and harder to find a steel frame. A good steel frame is not bad, but it costs a fortune 🙂 So it remains aluminum.

SPD PEDALS: I have not traveled on these yet, but since the Lord recommends and generally read a lot of positive comments about them, I think that I would like to do so.

It depends how much and where you drive. For a very short commute, SPD does not make sense, unless you buy pedals with an additional platform for riding in ordinary shoes.

SPD is a wonderful invention, but it requires investment. Pedals cost min. PLN 80, shoes PLN 120 for some civilian and PLN 200 for more sports versions. Here, I do not advise you to save and I would bet on a good and proven Shimano or SIDI.

ADDITIONALLY: I do not know which steering wheel and saddle to decide how to buy a bicycle online are these elements particularly important?

Very important! You can read about the saddle here, and about the bicycle steering wheels here.

When it comes to the saddle – you should sit comfortably. Just. And you are free to reach the steering wheel without stretching out. And the width must be such that you do not feel like a swallow in flight. If the steering wheel is too wide – you can always shorten it 🙂

I hope that I did not bore you, nor did I bother with my email. I will be grateful for any advice. Are my choices of particular parameters good and do I have a chance to find such a bike? And, of course, in what more or less will he be in the price range?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Greetings and have a nice day Sylvia J

For 1000-1200 PLN you will find a decent trekking bike, which has a chance to help you.

Bicycles from this compartment are a bicycle dark side of power. Because this bike is neither cheap nor very good. Such in the middle and maybe just such a golden measure will be the best in this case 🙂

If you have any questions – I will be happy to help (and other readers probably also) in the comments to this post. I also invite you to read the cycle ” What bike to buy for a specific amount “, where I exchanged the most interesting bikes up to 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000 PLN.

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