Bicycle brand reviews – Good bike brands

Bicycle brand reviews - Good bike

Good bike brands are a subjective question because everyone has their own selection criteria and estimation parameters. It is very difficult to single out any one top brand of bikes; each is good in its own way. But let’s average all possible data and make a choice.

In the question of what brands of bikes we better distinguish mountain bike models, road and city.

1. Mountain bikes best brands

GT bikes

The history of these bikes began back in 1972 in America. At first, only BMX frames were produced, and mountain bikes entered the market only in 1988, but this did not prevent the company from almost instantly winning the love and trust of consumers.

Advantages: a lifetime warranty on the frame (aluminum/carbon), a unique geometry that somewhat simplifies the bike, while maintaining rigidity and strength, a unique carriage attachment system, produce different types of bikes.

Cannondale bicycles

If you need a bicycle brand reviews and good mountain bike brand, then Cannondale is your choice. The products of this American company are slightly more expensive than some budget brands, but for good reason. Cannondale is an innovator in the bicycle world, the author of many developments and the winner of many competitions.

Advantages: lifetime warranty for the frame (aluminum/carbon), own development (Lefty plug, BB30 carriage, Hologram connecting rods, SAVE technology, OPI & SI, etc.), even in budget models, technologies from more expensive series are used, different types of bikes are manufactured.

Trek bikes

Another good bike brand. The company was founded in America in 1976, while the frames were made by hand, and the staff consisted of as many as five people. But years have passed and now Trek occupies a leading position in the bicycle market. The range of bikes is very wide, while prices can be called democratic.

Advantages: own technologies in the manufacture of frames and how to choose a bicycle frame size? aimed at reducing the weight of aluminum and carbon models, produce different types of bicycles, affordable prices.

Giant Bicycles

 Another manufacturer, claiming to be the best bicycle company. The company was founded in 1972 in Taiwan. At first, bicycles were assembled from components of other brands. Giant had a mission to create a good bike and make it accessible. I can safely say that they did it.

Advantages: optimal geometry, own technologies, and methods for creating aluminum and carbon frames, an excellent Giant Maestro suspension system, a stylish design and a wide range of models for both men and women are developed for each type of bike.

At this point we finish exploring the best brands of mountain bikes; finally, here is a list of brands that you should also meet: Merida, Specialized, Cube, Felt, Author, Pride, Schwinn, Comanche, and Steels.

2. Road bikes top brands

Manufacturers, which we considered in the previous paragraphs, are also engaged in the release of road workers, but we will introduce you to the brands that are truly the best in this business.

Colnago bicycles

The Italian company, founded in 1954. The best brand of a road bike, in our opinion. On the racing models, Colnago set dozens of records and won hundreds of races. Every year the whole world is looking forward to the release of new products of this company. Advantages: a perfectly balanced bike in every sense, high-quality materials, an exclusive coloring method, prototypes and tests before mass production, innovative technologies

Pinarello bicycles

Another good bike brands of Italian. Known at the expense of their road workers. This is the maximum level of reliability and quality, nothing superfluous, everything is calculated perfectly. The riders achieve amazing results using Pinarello bikes.

Advantages: advanced technology in the manufacture of frames, own development methods, lightweight, stunning design and much more

So we looked at a few road bicycle brand reviews. So which bike brand is better? The one that you like. Let’s see what is interesting in urban models.

3. City bikes top brands

Bikes Electra

Another American company that produces good bikes. Her story is rich and very interesting, but let’s sees what is so remarkable about these city bikes and why they love them so much.

Advantages: a wide range of products, branded technology Flat Foot, excellent equipment in stock, bright design, models for men, women, and children.

This brand certainly deserves a place in our ranking.

Bicycles Strida

Is this a good brand? Of course! Folding bikes are very popular nowadays. They are lightweight, compact, have excellent driving properties, not whimsical to maintain. The company is relatively young, appeared in 1987, but managed to earn a reputation very quickly!

Advantages: compact, low maintenance, lightweight, stylish.

It is possible to consider each brand for a long time individually, but instead, we offer you a brief description of the companies, after which the question of which brands of bicycles are good will be solved by itself. And do not forget that before choosing a brand, you need to study the types of bicycles.

4. List of good bike brands

Author – production of the Czech Republic-China, the ratio of attachments and prices are very good

Bergamot – German bikes, city models are especially good with them, the quality is at the height

Bianchi – Italian mountain and road bikes, high quality and expensive

Cannondale – American brand, expensive but quality bikes

Colnago – Top Italian road workers

Cooter is a German brand, good for its price.

Cube – purebred German, quality at the height

Felt – USA, produce a bunch of bikes of different levels

Fort – budget bikes, there are good kids models

Fuji – Japanese brand, mostly good miners

Giant – good bike brands in terms of price/quality ratio

Gary Fisher – American bikes with light frames and excellent coasting

GT – for those who are looking for a simple and reliable bike for reasonable money, USA

Ghost – quality and safety

Haro is an expensive brand, mostly focusing on XC and Dirt

Jamis – known for its mountain models, the company is American, made in Taiwan

Leader Fox – cheshkaya company, durable and simple tales

Kellys – Slovak brand with a large selection of bikes, prices start from affordable

KHS – America, a wide range of different types of bikes

Kona – rolls great, Canadian brand

Marin is a great choice for those who appreciate quality, America

Merida – average, suitable for lovers as a first bike, Asia

Mongoose – America, produce different models, the quality is good

Norco – the bicycle elite from Canada, especially known for their two-suspension

Rock Machine – Czech Republic, not so popular lately, but their bikes are ok

Santa Cruz is a worthy American brand.

Scott – expensive, high quality, awesome. It is worth overpaying if you can

Schwinn – companies for more than a hundred years, America, average

The specialized – Californian Company is bicycle brand reviews that make good bikes, especially suspensions.

Trek – an American company, a large selection at affordable prices.

Univega – a brand for those who are not willing to spend a lot of money on a bike

Steals – Russian company, the quality is not different, you can be disappointed in bicycles in general

Spelling – bikes for pros, stand any test

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