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The main theme is the experience of riding the bicycle for the first time most effective to us. Pedaling on a fixed bikeI bought a fixed bike from the Best Bike us store. On the fixed bike the pedals rotate whenever the wheel is in motion, which provides more control and unity between the driver and the bike, better use of pedal power and a new cycling experience. The product store seems very good, but the delivery had problems.

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However, let’s understand what is a fixed bike?


Very common in San Francisco, New York, and Berlin, the fixed bike has no gearboxes and gears, often no brakes and is the most minimalist on bikes. This model has been winning supporters all bicycle riders.

In the fixed bike the pedals rotate whenever the wheel is in motion, there is no “stop pedaling” or “stay in the Benguela”, if the rider stops pedaling, the rear wheel stops. To stop pedaling even is one of the ways to break the fixed bike, the maneuver is known as a skid.

By having fewer moving parts and mechanisms, the fixed wheel bicycle has the best use of the rider’s energy, from 96% to 99% on well-regulated fixed bikes, against 85% to 97% on bikes with gears, that is why Olympic velodrome bikes (oval circuit) have always been fixed.

In addition to the use of energy, an important technical aspect but not very relevant for non-professional cyclists, the fixed bike has several other advantages that are much more relevant to everyday life, it follows what most caught my attention:


On the fixed wheel bike, I felt much more in control of the equipment. Every micromovement of yours is reflected in the bike, and every variation on the asphalt or change of speed is transmitted from the bike to you. It may sound cliché, but on the fixed bike you and your bike become “one.”


As it has much less moving parts, ratchets, and pendants, the fixed wheel bike is incredibly quiet. When I commented this on Twitter, some people asked me if it makes a difference in a noisy city like São Paulo, and it does. Even in a noisy and chaotic traffic, the silence of the bike is reflected in the way you drive, you think much more about your movements and where you go with the bike, to avoid making noise and, consequently, to wear the equipment.


It’s like my old Fiat Uno 2002: as it does not have many parts to break, it hardly needs maintenance. You will not need to take it to the bike shop every 6 months to lubricate and regulate, just throw some liquid paraffin into the chain and keep the tires calibrated.


The fixed bike normally takes up much less space than a bike with gears, the handlebar is smaller, the wheels thinner and the frame simpler, so you can pass in smaller places (between posts and grills for example) and also have a bike more aggressive movements when needed.

Review/review of the fixed bike sold the Best bike us.

In a few characters: Best bike seems very good, only 11 kg, mounted in Rio de Janeiro, cost R $: 1400 and is very beautiful. The logistics were complicated, they sent my bike to Salvador (I live in SP), gave a workshop to receive it correctly. From the purchase until the bike to be in my house it has been 7 days until there is little time for such a great product and with free shipping. Despite the confusion on delivery I recommend the store.

Simply fixed bicycle, almost all white, with orange wheels

My bike disassembled and how it was after being ridden by me-


The bike came partially dismantled in a cardboard box. I say “partially” because I did not have to deal with the assembly of small and complex parts, such as installing crankshaft, brake cables, or shafts and hub, all this is ready. I needed to put the wheels, saddle, and canoe, handlebars, pedals. I myself rode the bike for 2 hours and it was a very fun experience, I recommend everyone to buy the product. I felt a lot more “owner” of the bike and had that good feeling of building something.

I was able to do everything with one of those special all-purpose bike mount keys I already had here at home plus Allen keys that they send in the package, necessary for installation of the handlebar, canopy, brake adjustment. But the multi-purpose wrench was not enough to give enough torque on the pedals and rear wheel, so I made the minimum necessary and already on the first roll I went to the nearest bicycle to use more appropriate tools and definitely finish the assembly.

In addition, the parts that came assembled – like the handlebar table and Allen crown bolts – were not tightened, which made them look good after the first few days of use. I recommend that you ride the bike at home and take a bike to check and tighten all the screws and fittings.


I am not a deep connoisseur of bicycle parts brands, but the composition of the parts of Best Bike us brings me confidence, all are from established brands such as Promax, KMC, Neco, and Shimano. The bike does not make strange noises and the finish seems very good.


The cuffs (where you hold the handlebars) are the bike part that appears to have worse quality; the finish is not good and looks fragile. I intend to change them soon.


The saddle is slightly uncomfortable, I do not know if for lack of custom or if they really are of poor quality. I will wait a few more days and see if they improve, otherwise, I will change them.



Presta Valve

The tires have come with the little calibration, the valves/nozzles where you fill the tire are of the Presta type and the tire needs to be calibrated with 100 lbs. go to a bicycle shop or buy a manual pump to calibrate at home, I bought a pump.

The wheels and tires are beautiful, thin, light and very well mounted, the hubs are super quiet and quite robust. The rear wheel is a flip-flop, which means it has 2 possible configurations: on one side, fixed opinion, for you to mount a fixed bike like mine, on the other side, common ratchet, for you to ride a bike of the freewheel, easier to use for beginners.


The frame and fork of the Best bike us are made of Hi-Ten steel, which gives an excellent impact weight/absorption ratio. Aluminum frames, for example, are very hard, cause discomfort as you feel all variations of the asphalt. Another good choice of material for the frame would be Cromoly, lighter than Hi-Tan, but a bit harder.

For other technical aspects of the bike, see the company website directly. Rate your purchase very well because there is a risk of them sending your bike to 2 thousand km from your home as they did mine, but anyway I recommend the store, I liked the product I received 7 days after the purchase.

My bike sets in a vintage style barbershop

And here we have a combo hipster: a #bikefix in a #barbershop

My opinion after 7 days and 99.57 km with a fixed bike in the transit-

I really wanted a fixed bike, so I’m very happy with the new toy. She is light, very fast, gives me agility and safety in traffic. The simplicity of the product conquered me immediately, as well as the greater sense of control of the bike and the silence during the ride.

Piloting a fixed requires a lot of adaptation, I’m relearning to bike riding and releasing myself from the old vices and driving patterns, mainly because of the difference in braking and the impossibility of stopping pedaling to pass on curb corners for example.

For curious people who already have experience with free-wheeling or marching bike, I recommend a test, maybe borrowed a bicycle or even visit a bikes shop that has a fixed pinion model. So far the change has made me very happy. And safe together on the way my bicycle mission.

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