Bicycle quiz questions – Depreciation calculation methods

Bicycle quiz questions - Depreciation calculation methods

As you remember depreciation calculation methods, last Sunday I launched a new category “Question-Answer”. Readers can send me questions on any topic, and I answer them (you need to make a question and answer mark).

The only condition is that it should be interesting to at least someone other than you. Questions like “which switch would fit such a bike of a certain year” are hardly interesting to the general public.

Useful life of assets

For some reason, the bulk of thematic issues came at depreciation, so I decided to put it in a separate note. On the other topics, I will give answers soon.

Next to the name of the author of the letter are the first three letters of the mailing address bicycle quiz questions, so that there is no confusion for me.

So let the sideshow begin

I bought a budget bike, which stands, as you put it, a “viloimitator”. Does it make sense to upgrade to a working plug?

VC. The meaning is always there if you have enough money. But since you bought a budget option, it means that there is not much money. The working plug is at least 8,000 rubles, even if purchased on a CRC. If you pull – buy.

Overall recommendation

I do not recommend contacting local bike shops, they can offer you “working” forks for 5K, but this is likely to be an elastomer made by Suntour or worse. Do not buy.

It is best to ride on the fork that is installed on the bike and understand what kind of riding style you like and how much the fork limits it. It is not excluded that you will be carried away by the highway or asphalt bike trips, and there is no need for an ammonia fork.

My activity book

Lot of forums and websites, I decided that I needed a working plug. I bought a RockShox Reba Race, and it turned out to be tougher than my old elastomer. As I did not set up the Rebbe, I could not achieve the same softness.

VC. The fact is that in sports bike depreciation is not set for comfort. The purpose of shock absorbers is to track the trajectory of movement, not allowing the bike to “goat” on bumps.

The working fork as if sticks the wheel to the ground, makes it “lick” the obstacles. And all this happens at high speeds. In such conditions, the “comfortable” plug will immediately penetrate and stop coping with the main task.

In addition, almost all sports forks – air. The air has a very high progression of compression, which makes the fork more and more rigid after 1/3 of the stroke. This is normal.

But everything is not so bad – thanks to the large range of settings, you can wind up a rather comfortable work of the plug. At least, I managed to adjust the same Rebu softly enough. In combination with a mechanism to prevent the buildup, the plug worked magically.

More confidence at work

I want to put in place of a fork with a 100mm stroke option with 130mm for more confidence on the slopes. Is it possible to do that?

VC. I do not recommend. The extra 30mm will fill up the bike geometry, it will become sluggish around the corners, and it will be harder to climb the hill.

But there are forks with adjustable stroke. For example, its normal course is 100mm, and you roll as usual. Suddenly there was a need to move down a steep descent with roots: he clicked the lever on the steering wheel – another 30mm move advanced. Very comfortable.

Regular maintenance

I would like a good ammonia plug, but it scares that you need to keep an eye on it and do regular maintenance. In our province, not sure that there is a master who knows how to carry them out.

VC. In fact, everything is simple. Maintenance is an oil change. Moreover, it strongly depends on the mileage and range of skiing. If during the summer season at least 2000 kilometers roll in not in greenhouse conditions – the oil should be changed. If it is assumed winter operation, it makes sense to pour more liquid oil.

There is nothing difficult in changing the oil; you can easily do it yourself. Oil is bought here, there are online manuals. If you sit down and figure it out, then there work for half an hour.

Importance of community service

After a few seasons bicycle quiz questions, you may have to change the glands and bushings; in this case, you can send the plug to a large service store.

But if the mileage is small and it passes mainly on asphalt or good soil, then you cannot climb into the plug for several years. For example, my wife Fox RL, the third year has not changed the oil. Mileage – eight thousand, but 80% asphalt. I decided to change the oil, it turned out – the insides are perfectly clean, one could still roll so much without changing.

Service cost calculator

I noticed that almost all expensive forks are airy. Steel springs – is it the stone age? How to choose a bike – complete bike guides

VC. In no case, subjectively, the spring plug works even plusher than the air one. However, in the cross-country segment depreciation calculation methods, indeed, almost all expensive plugs are airy, and there are two reasons for this.

The first. The air plug will fit any rider’s weight, as you can download the desired pressure. Springs are designed for different weight. It is necessary to physically disassemble the plug and change the spring, and this spring still needs to be bought. And even in this case, there is no 100% guarantee of “falling” in weight.

The second. In cross-country, everything revolves around the weight of the components. Steel spring – this is about extra 100 grams of weight. Therefore, in the top segment, where every gram is saved, the springs have long been abandoned.

Expense results

I have an elastomer simulator – my hands are sore and numb. Will buying an expensive work fork help?

VC. Not sure! Wrists and hands should not be numb even on a stiff fork. I believe that you have any problems with landing.

I recommend reading my article about the pain in my hands and how to alleviate the situation. If all else fails, then as the last step, you can buy a good ammonia plug.

The budget process

I have a budget dvuhpodves. I put forward last year the used Rockshox Tora, in this, I have plans to buy a rear amort Fox (now there is a spring). On the forums, it is advised to buy a hardtail, but I’m used to comforting. Tell me what is more correct.

VC. Previously, I also recommended getting rid of heavy non-rolling rubbish, which are all budget dvuhpodvesy. Now I try to stay away from “black and white” ratings. First of all, decide what you need a bicycle for.

Cheap suspension forks

If for speed, training, and sports, then probably bicycle quiz questions, really, better hardtail. Whatever dampers you put on a cheap suspension will not be a quick bike. But if, as you write, got used to comfort, and then why not upgrade.

Just keep in mind that when buying immortal, you need to consider not only the distance between its axes but also the course of your bike’s suspension. Also, do not forget to buy a special pump for air dampers. Normal will not go, despite the same nipple.

Imbalance of power in relationships

On dvuhpodvesy are spring fork and spring rear ammort. I want an airy rear Amorth Fox; would it be because of this “imbalance”?

VC. No problems! Air is after all the same spring, just with different compression characteristics. The main thing is the setting.

Pump relay

I heard that you need a special pump for air plugs. But after all, there is an ordinary car nipple on the plug, the pressure in the plugs does not seem so great either. What is the difference?

VC. The pressure may be more than the usual pump is able to pump. I remember in the rear almost Fox I scored 200psi and more. But the main difference is the hose, which has a thread. You carefully screw it onto the nipple and swing it.

Pump uses

In immortal and forks very small air chamber, and if you use a conventional pump, then when it is removed, you lose a third of the injected pressure. The Special Forces also have a button for air release, that is, you pump more and you release it to the necessary pressure of the depreciation calculation methods, it turns out very precisely. On an ordinary pump, this is not possible.

How suspension system works?

I already have a bad backlash, beats when braking, it is scary to drive. I will not pull a good plug; I think to put a tough one. But then it turns out that the nose of the bike will drop because the suspension fork is higher. How critical is it?

VC. Actually critical! Already literally three centimeters are felt, and you have probably 80-100mm forks. The behavior of the bike will be different – the management is more nervous, especially this will manifest on the slopes. I would not advise. Look for a rigid plug with the same axle to crown value as the depreciation currently standing.

How to write a conclusion example?

As an option – buy a used air plug, if the cover of the legs is not pulled up, the lock and hangs up work, then most likely it is in good condition. My friend recently bought Fox RLC for 4.5K rubles. The plug is old – 2006, but in excellent condition. At that time, the top one is from Fox. A friend is not happy.

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