Compare bicycles expensive and low-cost brands

Compare bicycles expensive and low-cost brands

Do you know how to compare bicycles expensive? The bike is a lifestyle and a way to express you. What is the essence, how are prices formed, and what does the cost of bicycles depend on? Sometimes it seems that this is very difficult to understand, but we will explain in detail what you should pay attention to when choosing, and how it turns out that some bikes are very expensive, and some are quite accessible.

Compare bicycles

A good choice of a bike does not always depend on the high cost of the brand if you treat the process with all responsibility. Get into it, it’s worth it. When deciding whether to purchase a bicycle, you should decide on the manufacturer. On the market are expensive brands, such as Trek, Scott, and low-cost brands such as Comanche, Azimuth, and others. What is their fundamental difference and is there any point in paying more? With all its versatility, the bike is a fairly simple design.

Therefore, the details and systems, their functions in the production of inexpensive and expensive brands are not significantly different. The exception is the expensive brands of manufacturers such as Cannondale or Specialized, which use self-developed depreciation systems. At the same time, the materials and technologies used in the manufacture of bicycles, manufacturers differ, which may affect the quality of the product.

Compare bicycle brands

We will understand the mechanics the mechanical parts of compare bicycles expensive are usually made by large Chinese factories, and they have no relation to the bicycle brand itself. Thus, the same brakes or transmission will work in exactly the same way on products of different brands (although if you screw it up crookedly, everything will work poorly). However, here it is necessary to pay attention to the class of components. On more expensive models, they will install the parts in a higher class; they work easier, more reliable, and make cycling more comfortable.

Wheels – the most important thing about the bike.

The wheels of a budget bike differ little from the wheels of an expensive version of the same level. Rather high-quality wheels with double rims and more or less good sleeves are installed on almost all models cost from 350-400 cu They will last for a long time and cover many kilometers.

Bicycle tires, what is the point?

As for tires, the situation is radically different. Bicycle manufacturers are rarely rubber manufacturers. Therefore, even if the corresponding logo is found on the tire, this does not mean that it was released by this particular brand. On budget bikes almost always install low-quality tires, heavy and with minimal protection from damage. On cheap bicycles, it often happens that all-in-one tires are set for the wow effect and are not well suited for the normal use of such cars.

The frame is the base of the bike

There is no fundamental difference between the frames of bicycles of expensive and inexpensive brands to a certain price level (from $ 700-800 per bike). Bike manufacturers usually buy frames at Asian factories and put their logo on. Some companies produce their own frames, but there are no significant differences in the quality of metal and welding – they consist of geometry and design. However, this proposition does not refer to incomprehensible bicycles of completely unknown and cheap brands of the same year. They can run into low-quality metal and poor welding, as a rule, not factory-made.

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What else is in the bike?

Components such as seats, pedals, and sticks (steering wheel, take-out, and seat post), which are usually applied to the logo, almost always purchased from large factories in China. The plant guarantees their reliability, but on more expensive brands light parts are installed, on budget ones – heavy ones.

Front bicycle fork, comfort, and safety

If you want to buy a bike with a good suspension fork, then definitely you should choose an expensive bike, since shock absorber imitators are put on cheap bikes. This is due to the fact that the wholesale cost of a good fork starts from $ 150, and retail they are sold at $ 250-300 and this will be displayed in the price of a bike of any brand. The suspension fork is the starting point for comparing different bikes.

What conclusions can be made?

Summing up, we can conclude that the brand has very little effect on the quality of the compare bicycles expensive. All bicycles that already have a name, produce high-quality goods, otherwise, they simply cannot compete with others and bend. In essence, a brand is not so much a reflection of the quality of the product, as of the quality of marketing, advertising, and reputation.

When choosing a bike, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the model and its characteristics – the higher the class of a particular model, the more high-quality parts was used in its assembly. Thus, if you do not pursue the logo, then instead of a low-class bike, but an expensive brand, it makes sense to choose a higher-class bike of an inexpensive brand.

Cheap bicycle brands

Although it happens that the low reputation of cheap brands is well deserved, so you need to look at each specific case. You can always choose the best price-quality ratio. Look at the real reviews, do not be afraid to ask more experienced comrades for advice, and of course, try the bike before you buy.

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