Change bicycle tube – in 9 easy steps

Change bicycle tube

We will see Change bicycle tube – in 9 easy steps are easy and simple ways and know the best bike us-

Are you sick of bringing your change bicycle tube to the dealer for every little thing? Especially on the bike, you can do a lot of repairs yourself and knowledge best bike us – we’ll show you what to look out for!

The tool you need:

  • tire iron
  • pump
  • manometer
  • Brake caliper clip
  • if necessary open spanner around the rear axle (if no quick release is installed)


Steps 1 – Remove the rear wheel

Turn the front of the small chainring and the rear of the smallest pinion, so you reduce the chain tension and the rear wheel can be easier to remove later. Open the quick release and carefully remove the rear wheel. Attention! Pay attention to your brake disc – by careless pulling out you can easily make a scratch in your frame here. Secure the break with a clip against accidental compression.


Step 2 – Pull the mantle off the rim

Press the coat aside and loosen it with a tire lever from the rim. By pulling the tire lever on the rim you can easily solve the coat.


Step 3 – Pull out the hose

Unscrew the valve cap, if you have not already done so, loosen the locknut on the valve. Now you can simply push the valve through the rim and pull the hose out of the jacket.


Step 4 – Check the mantle for foreign objects

Every plate has a reason. Carefully remove the mantle from the inside and check if a foreign object is in the mantle.


Step 5 – Insert the new hose

Fill the new hose with a little air to prevent twisting of the hose in the jacket. Turn the rim so that the rim hole points up to you and guide the valve of the hose through the rim hole. Now put the rest of the hose in the jacket and press the jacket in sync with both hands in the rim. When the coat is completely changing bicycle tube in the rim again you can fill the hose with air.


Step 6 – Fill the wheel with air

Fill the hose with the air pressure indicated on the jacket.
Special case mountain bike: pump up the tire to about 4 bar. When you put the coat back on the rim well it signals it with a bang.

Step 7 – Fill the hose with the correct air pressure

Especially when mountain biking it is important best bike us to drive the right air pressure. So release so much pressure that you’re about 1.8 bar.


Step 8 – Reinstall the rear wheel

Screw the lock screw and the valve cap back onto the valve and release the clip that blocks the brake. Now you can install your rear wheel again. Pay attention to your brake disc again! If the wheel is properly seated in the dropouts, you can screw the quick release.


Step 9 – Your bike is fit again!

Quick release tightened correctly? The wheel filled and change bicycle tube with the right air pressure? Then you can start again – your bike is ready for the next tour!

We hope we could help you, or show you some tricks that you have not known before and that also enable you to change the hose even easier or faster.

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