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It is in the warmth of home that we enjoy our family, our rest and our hobbies. And the decor of the house can reveal a lot about our preferences of bicycles in the house decoration. Amidst so many choices of material best bike us, colors, and shapes, a really beautiful house is the one that has the face of its owner.

The house, besides having functionality and comfort, needs to be cozy and in tune with its resident. Decoration plays a crucial role in this regard.

To compose an environment that fits your lifestyle, each person chooses colors, furniture designs, and decorating objects to their liking. In the market, there are several options for decorating the home.


Ideas for decorating

How about giving a second chance to that dusty bike forgotten somewhere? An old bicycle can be an item to make up a vintage environment. As the bike is a big part, the tip is to use it by reusing some space, such as under a ladder. This was the solution adapted to the project of the home of businessman Carlos Andrade, from Timbó-SC, as you can follow in the box.

Some cyclists who go through the impasse of lack of space to safely store the bike can also choose to leave it indoors, protected and be composing the decor, just as an old bike does. Except that, in this case, there is an extra job of always leaving the best bike us clean after each turn, so as not to soil the house. In addition to reuse spaces, the bike can be hung in a bracket attached to the wall or ceiling, which gives rise to a space both modern and relaxed. A disused bicycle can become the highlight of your room!

Bicycles in the house decoration- match to the Bicycle and Wedding


House Decoration

The media themselves can also be customized and have other features. Wood models, such as the Very Nice Bike Rack, designed by Californian Daniel Ballou, add an air of sophistication to the environment. Generally, they have an opening to fit the top tube of the frame and, over the fitting, the wooden surface acts as a shelf for books or other objects of house decoration. These brackets require the frame to be straight. There are other options such as hooks that can leave the bike upright, or even take advantage of a wall to make a panel with hooks for two bikes. It looks very beautiful, especially with colorful fixed bikes. It is a cool and creative decoration.

But if you do not have a space left in the house or do not want to put a stand, just leave it somewhere that does not disturb the circulation and you think it looks nice. This includes the outdoor area and the garden. One of the most commonly used options is a bicycle with a wicker basket serving as a gardener, but more creative minds can leave, for example, a climbing machine climbing an old bicycle leaning against a wall. You can reuse an old bicycle or purchase a miniature specially designed for decoration.


Bike tip

Another tip is to create objects by reusing parts of the bike that can no longer be used. There are several possibilities. An interesting piece is a mobile made with a bicycle wheel. The mobile is a movable sculpture suspended in wired space, generally used in the decoration of children’s bedrooms, on top of the crib, to distract the child. The creativity can conceive from a lamp made with the handlebars and light of the bicycle to a bunch of support for the bathroom, like the furniture designed by best bike us, whose base is an old bike, which supports a wooden top, Cuba and even a basket that serves as a towel rack.

There are other ways to refer to the bicycle in the decor. A painting on a wall or the use of pictures with the bike theme allows you to explore different colors and textures. Miniature bicycle sculptures are sophisticated pieces on tables or shelves. Curtains, bed, table and bath sets with bike prints. Items that refer to the bike, such as a clock in the shape of a speedometer with the pointers in the larger wheel space, are another option to demonstrate your liking for the bike.

There are plenty of options to leave home with your face, and always have something that makes mention of your passion for bicycles. An example of tandem bike is a bicycle that has two or more seats and pairs of pedals-



The option of having our bicycles incorporated into the decor of the house seemed like something quite natural for a couple who had their childhood and adolescence very attached to this old friend. In our time we did not coexist with the internet, social networks or computer games, and the bicycle was our inseparable companion for games and adventures.


My House

In our house, the best option to put our relics was the base of the stairs that gives access to the upper floor. During the design of the house, we had already in mind to incorporate the bicycles into the ambiance of the room. When the architect drew the ladder, we asked that the landing be high enough to place them underneath. We decided to restore a Dirkop, male model from 1951, and a Míele, female model from 1938. Of course, the purpose was to decorate the room and to value our house decorations; we installed lamps at the bottom of the stairs.

The result could not have been better. The room was cozy, relaxed and nostalgic. When receiving friends it is common to spend at least a few minutes observing the details of the restoration, with comments on cycling and its innumerable health benefits of body and spirit.

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