Bicycle versus running advantages and disadvantages

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Bicycle versus running advantages and disadvantages- On advantages and disadvantages of cycling and running are often spoken, two aerobic exercises that help maintain cardiac health and weight control with an excellent elimination of fat in the practice of both. The mountain bike or road, cycling in all its variants and running are two excellent sports activities. These physical activities can be performed both outdoors and indoors. The advantages and disadvantages of each of them can be analyzed in a simple way.


Running advantages and disadvantages

Cycling in all its forms is done on the bicycle, most of the time sitting on the saddle so we can say that it has less body impact than running on the ground and most of the load is received by the legs and, fundamentally, the joints due to the impact of the strides.

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For this reason, the exercise with the bicycle in all its modalities is the physical activity of greater endurance because the energy is dosed between the times of pedaling and recovery on the saddle, while the energy consumption in the running is continuous, reason whereby the exercise time is usually very low.


The bicycle helps to develop muscle because all the force necessary for the displacement emerges from our legs; it is the buttocks and the quadriceps with the help of the tendons that perform the greatest activity in the practice of this exercise. In the running the opposite happens, since to get the displacement almost all the body intervenes without the strength is obtained from a few muscles, we also have to support the weight of our body during displacement.

When it comes to burning calories, running is the best option because of the necessary involvement of almost the entire body in body displacement work, while cycling is carried out with less effort and fewer muscles involved. By this, we can say that with any of the variants of cycling we can hold more time given the difference of requirements for both exercises by our body. Best advantages and disadvantages are the mountain bike


The exercise of the bicycle in all its variants is less harmful because the machine fixes the repetitive travel of the legs and the sharing of effort between the periods of pedaling and recovery; this helps a lot the use of the saddle that supports the weight of our body.

The running exercise can be more harmful and therefore it is easier to hurt ourselves. Everything is due to the impact with the floor of our legs in each stride bearing the worst part of the joints, especially the knees. The way to avoid or mitigate this is the use of running shoes with good impact protection, insoles and gel soles are the solution to this problem today.

As always we must perform both exercises in moderation if we are not professionals. If we have decided to start with either of the two sports, the first thing is to have the approval of our doctor, then start with the practice of these activities in a controlled manner. Our body must get used to the exercise little by little.

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