Bicycle marking – How to protect bike from theft?

Bicycle marking - How to protect bike from theft

The topic “how to protect bike from theft” is very wide and you can write and talk about it for a long time. Today, a few words about additional security. It is true that it will not prevent the theft of the bike, but at least in theory, it will allow us to recover our bike faster in the event of theft. Bicycle marking is putting an additional serial number on the frame and entering information about the owner into the database.

Bicycle marking

Marking is most often done by engraving, although it is said that one can meet with the marking of a bicycle using a pen that is visible in ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be an exam because the first rain or puddle can wash away the sign. The same happens with stickers – sooner or later they wipe off. Anyway, you can remove the sticker yourself easily.

Does the bicycle marking give anything? Practically it gives a small shadow of the chance that when the police stop a thief – the bike will come back to us. It will actually happen only if the thieving hollow breaks down. Accidents on the trails – How to prevent?

A definite disadvantage is the lack of a nationwide bike database. At the moment, bikes are marked by the police and municipal police in various parts of Poland and, unfortunately, everyone has patina starches – in the case of finding a bicycle at the other end of Poland, the police must first reach the unit that marked the bike, and it is not always possible.

Some also pay attention to the possibility of damaging the frame during engraving or later problems, for example with a guarantee. Unfortunately, it seems to me that in some cases this may be true.

Before buying a best bicycle it is important to take into account the age and establish, measurements of the cyclist and bicycle sizes

Personally, I do not have a marked bike; I have entered the serial number of the bike for the warranty book and an approved receipt. Although I know so well that in the case of God theft, I probably would never see my bike again. Which, of course, I do not wish you, of course 🙂

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