A fairly common bicycle history timeline

A fairly common bicycle history timeline

A fairly common best story is bicycle history timeline that a person in the garage finds an old, rusty one big, and a head-brain thought strikes him: “I haven’t sat in the saddle for twenty years. Clean it up, lubricate, I will ride.”

The desire is excellent, but with the implementation, most likely bicycle history and resource, there will be difficulties. Unfortunately, in our garages, there are hardly any classic German or Dutch bikes, whose lifespan could exceed the average life expectancy of the owner.

We most likely have old storks, gums, Ukrainians, tourists, and in exceptional cases, there may be a start-highway. These are the problems that a new cyclist can face with a vehicle that has been lying motionless for many years.

Bicycle tire covers

Almost certainly, the tires cracked and cracked. Even if, after pumping up the tires, everything looks fine, I would not dare to move far from home. The cameras are in such a state that they can disperse from any hummock at the seams, and the tires themselves are not much better.

Therefore, away from sin is better to change to new ones. On road bikes like Ukraine, the size is 28 ″, for children’s salutes – 24 ″, for folding Storks, Gums, Cam – 20 ″. Buy cameras better with a Presta nipple, a car shredder does not fit into every hole in the rim.

Best knitting needles brand

Sick place of Soviet bikes. Despite the cast-iron weight of the wheels, they made eight of them all the time. One had only to move off the asphalt, as the rim immediately curved, and the spokes often flew out.

This problem suffered even folding large with 20 ″ wheels, which is generally difficult to explain. You will have to learn how to rule eights.

Best bearings

The lubricant in the carriage and wheel hubs is already dry and it is possible that the bearings are rusty. We’ll have to look for a tool, disassemble these mechanisms, and collect loose balls on the floor.

Bearings need to be soaked, you can use kerosene for this, or you can pour plenty of water from a WD40 cylinder.

My bicycle paragraph

One of the negative bicycle memories of childhood – falling off rods. This happened because the connecting rods were fastened to the carriage with wedges. This thing was gradually loosening, and if you did not follow, you could find yourself without a connecting rod.

On the Internet, I have often seen how the system and carriage of old Ukrainians were replaced with modern components, so anything is possible.

Best bike frame protection

It is possible that the frame will be pretty rusted. Steel – a reliable material, in addition, there are no problems with welding – will be done in any garage. You can try to paint from a cylinder, but note that the paint, in this case, will not hold well.

In my opinion, contact with the repair of the old Soviet bike is not worth it. Even if it is visually in order, with more or less active driving, it will surely fall down. This technique and the new were not too reliable, what can we say about the heavily used.

Consumer opinion

Having invested a fair amount of time (and maybe money), you will end up with heavy and unreliable trash. Yet the quality of any consumer wheeled vehicle in Soviet times was disgusting.

There is a certain category of citizens who, because of their love for spending their leisure time in a repair pit, go through old Lada and Muscovites every month and stiffen those around them in the curvature of their hands. If you belong to it, then undoubtedly, it makes sense for you to look at the old HVZ. Anyone else to whom to roll – I do not advise.

Best old mountain bikes

Older people are surprised when I say that you need to change the chains on a mountain bike in a circle every 600-1000 km, and cite as an example old bicycles, which for years drove without any maintenance.

I can answer by saying that the transmission in a modern bicycle is multi-speed, and this is the main difference in the resource. In addition, remember which runs are considered normal for normal people. The lifetime of mechanics is measured not in years, but in kilometers.

Best place to buy bikes

Therefore, today it is much more promising to purchase a used modern bicycle that will last more than one season without repair. I recommend not engaging in this nonsense and immediately begin to ride.

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How to welcome customers?

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