Adjust the bicycle handlebar to the correct height

Adjust the bicycle handlebar to the correct height

It is important to properly adjust the height of the bicycle handlebar for your comfort and to make the pleasure last. The adjustment can be made in height, in-depth, in relation to the stem or the frame of the bicycle. In this regard, before changing your bike, study all the possibilities offered below.

Adjustable stem to adjust the height of the bicycle handlebar
First of all, we must first distinguish bikes equipped with a plunger stem – city bike, racing bike … – from those with a headset stem – which are more often found on mountain bikes. The former sink into the head tube. As for the seconds, they are fixed on the pivot of the fork. For more details, you can consult the article: the diver’s stem and headset.

For bikes with a stem

The long, tilting and height-adjustable stem optimize your comfort. With its 30cm stainless steel rod, adjusting the height of the bicycle handlebar makes it suitable for all users. It tilts from 0 ° to 50.

The adjustable quick-adjust bicycle stem has the particularity of being able to adjust very simply, with a quick coupling system without the need for tools. Made of aluminum, it is very light. Its inclination is adjustable from 0 ° to 90 °. In addition, it can be adjusted in height, more precisely from 110 mm to 180 mm.

For bikes with ahead set stem

The headset bike stem with quick height adjustment can be adjusted in seconds thanks to a quick clamping system. The adjustment height of the stem is 70mm. No tools are required for this adjustment. It is positioned in place of the original pivot and then receives an A-head stem.

The tilting stem, meanwhile, allows you to adjust the height of the handlebars to your liking thanks to an inclination varying from 0 to 60 degrees.

Handlebar extensions and extensions

The long bar-ends are very useful if you make trips with many climbs. Indeed, the horns have the characteristic of increasing the leverage when the cyclist is in the so-called “dancer” position. In fact, it allows you to spare your physical resources on the coasts. This accessory also offers the advantage of keeping the palms facing inwards, a neutral position which considerably limits muscle tension but also fatigue. On long trips, it allows a greater variety of positions

The triathlon bicycle handlebar extender is, after all, an essential accessory for cyclists who make long journeys. This hanger extender has an adjustable armrest system allowing you to rest your arms. For even more comfort, a scale allows you to adjust the extensions to the length that suits you. The icing on the cake, this hanger weighs only 437 grams.

The bicycle handlebar extension and riser is placed between the stem and the bicycle handlebar stem. It ventilates your driving position by allowing a 45 mm offset from the handlebar stem. The result, you are more comfortable, less compressed and you can accommodate larger accessories on the handlebars of the bike. In addition, the structure of this extension gives it a 360 ° rotation angle. You can, therefore, increase the height or length of your stem by 45 mm. This allows an adjustment, sometimes precious, of the position of the seat post. You have already noticed the variety of handlebars used in touring bikes, that is, for bicycles designed or modified for cycling of best bike us.

The multi-position handlebar

The multi-position handlebar allows you to adapt your position according to the situation. Thanks to this hanger, you have the choice between 3 different positions: high, low and intermediate. The variations will save you back and shoulder pain on long trips. In addition, its rounded shape from the outside prevents you from hanging an obstacle like a classic straight handlebar or horns. You slide over the obstacle without impaling it, hands protected inside. This handlebar is therefore also a very judicious and comfortable safety accessory.

The “best” remains the D bar handlebar riser. It transforms your dynamic driving position into a comfortable support. It reduces the effects of fatigue by relieving the back and arms by a “straight back” riding position. On difficult terrain, uphill or downhill, a simple gesture and you push “D bar” forward to recover the original position. The D bar being mounted in the continuity of the axis of the fork, it rules out any possibility of imbalance forward in the event of braking or obstacle clearance. The “D bar” handlebar is a classic bicycle handlebar with reduced dimensions with its width of 50 cm and its height of 34.5 cm.

By adjusting your handlebars, you already gain considerably in comfort. More generally, however, there are other points to consider in order to have an optimal position when cycling. Like the recoil and the height of the saddle for example, but also the length of the cranks. Our advice sheet to properly adjust your position on your bike details this, with the different positions recommended according to practice.

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