Bicycle freeride as a discipline or bikes freestyle

Bicycle freeride as a discipline or bikes freestyle

Bicycle freeride is a style of riding a bike and sports discipline in bike sport. Implies driving on difficult, sometimes artificially created tracks. To ride a freeride, you need excellent physical training and high bike management skills. And of course, not every bike is suitable for this extreme discipline, more on that later.

Freeride (free riding in English) means riding almost along an unprepared track, which is teeming with cliffs, jumps and sharp turns. Freeride can be divided into 2 types: classic and lightweight.

Types of freeride skiing

The classic option is riding in the mountains, where no route has been laid in advance. That is, on the way the athlete meets the slopes, dirt, stones, roots and other delights of wildlife. This is dangerous but brings a lot of adrenaline racer and it looks very spectacular from the outside.

Light freeride is also a ride on the mountainous terrain the best bikes freestyle riding, but along the paths and mountain paths, a more civilized and safer option. This type of freeride is suitable for lovers, there’s not much extreme skiing experience you need and the bike can be simpler.

Specialized freeride bike

Used powerful dvuhpodvesnye bicycles. The weight of such bikes can reach 20 kilograms. The fork travel (preferably double-core) is from 140 to 250 mm, the rear suspension travel is 160–230 mm. Hydraulic disc brakes. Speed is usually 10, but sometimes more. And most importantly – wide tires with good tread, which will confidently hold the road. What is most important in such a bike is the frame, clearly and so.

Freeride Equipment

Both a beginner and an experienced athlete must be well equipped to minimize the risk of injury because there is a regular occurrence in this kind of sport in this sport. First of all, need a helmet fulfill? It will protect against brain concussion, fracture of the cervical vertebrae, jawing, and other serious injuries. To protect the neck, special design is used, which in turn is fastened to the shell, which protects the back, ribs, and so on. Worth it is not cheap, but if you are serious, but a must.

Freeride feature

Other security features include elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves. On some tracks, balaclava or snowboard-type goggles will not be superfluous to protect against dust, small pebbles, and other things.

Freeride competitions are held in many countries around the world. The number of fans of this sport is growing steadily, despite its danger. Especially popular are cities where there are ski slopes. So, if you are interested in taking part in such competitions or improving your skills, find the local bicycle freeride community and go on adventures!

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