The best cyclist of all time and bicycle courier

The best cyclist of all time and bicycle courier

This is what kind of bike fan you need to be in order bicycle courier to turn your beloved pet into an avid cyclist. Cyclist Rudi Elias from Philadelphia introduced his cat MJ to cycling. The kitty with visible pleasure drives around Rudi on the back of the city along busy streets.

Judging by the slightly crazed passenger face, the most interesting remains behind the scenes. American bicycle couriers are a completely separate caste of young people who anneal themselves in bicycles through the streets in the most extreme style, spitting on every conceivable traffic rules.

Transport bicycle

In the crowded city center, there is no transport faster than a bicycle. Couriers rush at enormous speeds, cutting off buses, clinging to a taxi to break up, sailing in frightening proximity to pedestrians, and doing everything that depends on them to replenish traffic accident statistics in the evening. Therefore, I am not surprised at all when I see the round eyes of the cat MJ.

Couriers definition

During the day, these guys can drive 150-200km, at high speed, using their bike in the toughest style. Therefore, they need the most reliable technology; conventional multi-speed bicycles will very quickly become unusable or will require large sums for maintenance. True labor couriers drive not even on single spies, but on a fixed gear bike, with a minimum of mechanics and a maximum of efficiency from pedaling.

Pedaling a bike

This means that the rear hub does not have free play. On such a bike you can’t stop pedaling, because then the pedals start twisting the rider’s legs. In order to maintain high speed, the cyclist has to spin the cadence up to exorbitant values; 150 rpm can be quite a working model.

Bicycle braking

Of course, everything related to braking is very difficult. It is also difficult to jump over an obstacle since for this it is desirable to stand on the pedals, but this will not work on a fixed one. However, fans of this technique have their own methods of braking and jumping.

Conditions apply

It is under these conditions that MJ rolls, although looking at how she rubs against Rudi, it is clear that she trusts him completely in control of the bike.

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