Bicycle and Wedding

Bicycle and Wedding

“Bicycle and Wedding” are may be valuable to a new couple.

Tips to Bicycle and Wedding combine your two loves on the wedding day: you’re loved one and your bike. It’s a great moment and new experience.

Who has not heard that old saying: “Will I marry or buy a bicycle?”

Bicycle and Wedding

Yes, several couples decided to do both! But you may ask yourself: what do bicycle and marriage have in common?

Let’s look at an example of a specific bike. Anyone who has walked in a tandem bike knows that there is a very interesting relationship: the two occupants must be in balance; they need to help themselves by pedaling together at the same pace; trust each other to face the road and obstacles, in tune and acceptance to adjust the right “pedaling” for the two, making the ride enchanting. In marriage, it is also like this: balance, mutual help, trust, harmony, and acceptance make the “walk” for this most enjoyable life. For a harmonious marriage, we must learn to ride together.

As a bride eager for the big day, I have seen inspiring ideas to bring the wedding day together with the bikes. Let’s see how easy it is?

Wedding details

There are a number of wedding details in which the bike gives that special touch. It can be used on the save the date, which is a more informal wedding pre-invitation, usually sent by email or other fast means of correspondence, some months before the wedding. It is a way for the guests to schedule themselves in advance for the wedding, without having to wait for the formal invitation.

The bike can also be used in the monogram of the invitation, in the e-session which is a wedding photo session before the wedding, also called a pre-wedding book, which is super charming using bicycles. There are couples who use bikes in the tags of the table markers or in the party favors that will stay with the guests after the party.

Another interesting option is the digital trees: have you heard of it? They are trees printed on paper with only the trunk and the wedding guests put their fingerprints as the leaves of the tree. After the wedding, there is a beautiful souvenir that can be framed and placed on the wall of the couple’s sweet home.

In this idea, there are digital bikes that look super cool. The fingerprints give the impression of being balloons, and then ready have an incredible effect. To make an equal of the image, there is a free application on website.

And in the decoration of the party, how about leaving a beautiful plaque of welcome in your skinny, to welcome the arrival of the guests? Or, to be even more original, the bride arrives at the ceremony site brought by her father by bicycle?

On the cake table, you can use a miniature bicycle with a flower box that is super delicate! Also, When you travel bicycle with your lover, you must notice that your bike has health benefits of cycling?


On top of the cake, the bride and groom may be pedaling on a tandem bike, the groom can take the bride “on the rump” or simply put two bikes together with the bride and groom.

And what about being even more sustainable and instead of using a car, go to their wedding night on their skinny with a little tag behind the saddle written: “just married” or “newlyweds”? This enables wonderful and lovely photos.

Do not you care about the dress? Make a trash the dress, a post-wedding photo essay in which there is no concern for the dress, being that it can be wet, dirty etc. There are plenty of possibilities to make a beautiful trash the dress like, for example, the couple pedaling on a beautiful beach and then taking a sea bath, always in the wedding dresses.

Anyway, there are many possibilities for cycling and marriage to live in a perfect union. As Raul Sexiest would say, “Dreaming is a dream come true”, joining the dream of marriage with that of bicycles is very beneficial, simple and sustainable. So let’s dream together?

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