Bicycle and dog: 6 secrets of a pleasant and useful walk

Bicycle and dog 6 secrets of a pleasant and useful walk

Have you ever walk bicycle and dog? Two wheels and four legs can well become the basic formula of happiness for those who would like to combine the love of animals and the bike. Yes, we walk our pets on foot every day, but everyone knows that this load is not enough for our four-legged brothers. Jogging with the dog is also not for everyone’s liking and physical abilities.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced cyclist or last ride a three-wheeled bike as a child, the idea of making joint walks with your dog while riding a bike may turn out to be more than attractive. But how to implement this idea safely for yourself and for the dog? The tips below may be helpful.

Check your health

Ideally, for a start, it would not hurt to undergo a medical examination and get advice from a doctor both to the rider himself and his dog. Dog breeds are different, not all of them are adapted to running, have a different thickness of coat, etc. In addition, if the dog is quite young, it may still not be completely formed bone. And even if the doctors gave the go-ahead, remember that it will be necessary to gradually teach the dog to this new type of load. Yourself, by the way, too, if you are an aspiring cyclist.

Outfit for you

If you do not have a bike yet, then you should think carefully about which bike will suit you best for your joint walks. It all depends on the intended terrain. For even asphalted or country roads, you can take a regular city bike or a hybrid, for more extreme surfaces with many obstacles in the form of, for example, tree roots in a forest or mountainous area, a mountain bike is well suited. It can also ride on alert terrain, but in this case, the wheels usually change to smoother wheels.

Physical training instructor

No matter where you go and whatever experience of the bicycle and dog or physical training you possess, it is advisable to use a helmet. The pleasant feeling of the oncoming breeze in your hair is not worth it to put yourself at risk of getting a serious head injury, especially when colliding with a car. And think about what will happen to your dog, while you lie unconscious for how long? Of course, the water bottle and the standard track repair kit plus money, an identity document, and a mobile phone will not interfere on the way. All this can also be considered a set for safe driving.

Dog outfit patterns

For the dog, of course, you need a leash or harness. But there is one more important detail that is very important to purchase. Some dog owners walking their pets on a bicycle simply hold the leash in their hand, which is on the steering wheel. Others tie him under the saddle. Both options are unsuccessful and dangerous, and for both. If the dog is large enough, it may simply overturn you along with the bike when you rush to the side, chasing, for example, a cat. With the two methods described, the dog often runs either from the front or from the back of the bicycle, which may please you under the wheels or inadvertently hit the chain, with the saddest consequences.

Special bikes

It is best to purchase special bike mounts such as Springer, Walk Dog or The Lets Go, then your hands will be steadily on the wheel, and the dog will run at a safe distance from the bike on the side. Springer fastens to the frame and Walk Dog to the saddle rod. Both devices are equipped with a special spring mechanism that allows smoothing dog cravings and jerks. Biker Dog is attached to the back of the frame near the wheel and is equipped with a flexible plastic rod to control jerks. It is better to choose a harness, not a leash, so as not to create an excessive strain on the dog’s neck.

All these devices can be mounted on either side of the bike, and someone may want to take walks with two companions at once, one on each side. Then you can think about a tricycle and modify it a bit to make the dogs carry you like a sled.

How to move on fast

To begin, we note that the dog must be accustomed to the bike before the start of walks. He must become for her “his” object still at home. To do this, you can apply the usual methods of training; for example, put a treat on the wheel or pedal. On the first walk, you can generally roll the bike, walking, keeping the dog tied to him on a leash. Ideal to train your dog some useful commands such as “stop”, “turn” and “slow.”

As mentioned above, it is better walked bicycle and dog when the dog runs from the side. Since you are moving parallel to the flow of transport, it is better if it is on the right, otherwise the animal will be at greater risk to fall under the car.

Improve physical fitness

Further, it is important, especially at the beginning, that the dog itself sets the pace of movement. Only with the increase of her fitness, you can do short-term accelerations from time to time. The main pace of movement should be the trot movement. Make sure the dog is not limping, and there are signs of fatigue. Separately, you need to check the condition of the paws after each walk; you can buy special slippers to protect against dirt and debris.

Where to go for a walk near me

For walking with a dog on a bicycle, dark alleys and desert roads are especially suitable, especially in rural areas. But even if you are a resident of the metropolis, it is also possible to find opportunities for walking. The main thing is to avoid largely crowded highways. If you are not extreme in your soul, walking your dog while walking across rough terrain is also not a good idea. Some believe that in this case, the dog can be completely untied. But the animal can be distracted, frightened and run away or get stuck sniffing something.

Alternative Movement

If your dog is not born to be an athlete, belongs to a very small breed, or, for example, is old and sick, this is not a reason to refuse to spend time together in the fresh air! To do this, there are special trailers on wheels and baskets for dogs that are mounted in front, behind or in the center of the frame. What to say about the variety of dog accessories in the form of glasses and even helmets! If only you’re pet has agreed to put it all on.

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