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Best bike us - Best bicycle route planner - my way to do it

When planning a longer or shorter trip the best bicycle route planner, one of the most important things is to plan the route. Of course, you can go on the element (depends on the trip), but this will not be the case for this entry. When preparing a route, we suggest different criteria: the length of the route, possibly accommodation, places worth seeing, road mobility, pavement condition, if we know it, the pictorially of the area, etc. I usually use Google Maps to designate the route.

I like them very much because these maps are accurate, they work quickly, there is the possibility of my own route planning, thanks to the convenient dragging of points and have my beloved Street View. It is thanks to the possibility of suspicion on the Google car pictures of what a given part of the road looks like, these maps are unrivaled. Why? You do not have to wonder if the road is busy or not, whether it has a roadside or is narrow. In addition, each turn maneuver can be conveniently traced (about this in a moment). Best beginners guide: How to drive bicycle 300 km in one day?


Bicycle route map

Of course, Street View has its drawbacks. The first is that Poland is not 100% covered, but in my opinion, it is getting better and better to the best Google maps bike route planner. The second is that some of the photos may no longer be up to date, but at the pace of road construction in Poland, I would not care too much for the next 15 years ­čÖé

So how do I set a cycling route? I enter the place of start, enter the destination (or mark them on the map). The map will calculate a route, but it is worth adjusting to your needs and requirements. Here, it all depends on whether we want to go to the main roads or smaller, what we want to visit, etc. As I wrote, it is worth using Street View wherever it is possible; a little icon is used for this, which we drag on a designated point of our route.

I invite you to watch the Bicycle Tips section, in which I show more exactly how this process looks like. Best online bicycle shop USA available product

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