Advance (Table) and bicycle


Advance (Table) and bicycle are must be important and at the best bike us to same time more difficult. 

The advance bicycle, also known as a table, is one of those components that does not seem to be important, however, it is fundamental for better control, comfort, and safety in the bicycle. However, the best bike us is the best bicycle racing.


Know this component well with the information below:


This is the most important and at the same time more difficult to choose a cruiser bike, because the choice depends on the mode, physical characteristics of the rider, frame geometry and also riding style. A bike fit is the best option to know the right size or at least if you have a starting point. A wrong move can bring on a lot of discomforts, including lower back pain.

Anyway, in general on the MTB, shorter tables bring a greater control in descents, however, it leaves the cyclist in an uncomfortable position in climbs.


After length, this is the most important measure as it will help to set the height of the handlebars. Although it is possible to raise the height of the table with the use of spacers, this is not the desired situation, as it increases the force exerted on the fork of the fork, which can even break it and result in a serious accident. Some manufacturers recommend not using more than 3 cm of spacers below the table. In addition, the use of spacers does not solve the problem of who wants to lower the height of the handlebar. It is also worth remembering that some advances can be reversed to use the handlebar higher or lower according to the situation for the best bike us.


As far as compatibility is concerned, the diameter of both the fork on the fork and the fit on the handlebar should be the same. Here there are no choices: only compatible parts fit and it is not recommended to use any kind of “gambiarra”.


Some brands have interesting differences in the design of advancements. To tighten the part of the spike, some manufacturers opt for only one screw, while others opt for two. Also in this part, some manufacturers take care to leave the bolt further into the part or in another direction to prevent an accidental cyclist knee from injuring it. Already on the front, where the handlebars are attached, are used from one to four screws, depending on the model and purpose of the advance. The four-bolts are heavily used on bikes of more extreme modalities but are also present on other segments. The body of the advance is usually cylindrical or rectangular.

The importance of knowing the correct bicycle forward exchange is very much an effective to the best cycling mission-

You must pay attention to the design of the cover and it’s fitting when using carbon fiber handlebars. Some older models have a less worked finish of the material, leaving burrs that can damage the handlebars when being tightened. Even in modern designs, it is highly recommended to use a torque wrench to tighten the bolts, since excessive torque is the biggest cause of damage to these handlebars.


How could it not be, the weight here also does not go unnoticed. It is not a priority item for weight reduction since it is not a constant piece of movement; however, it is always another opportunity. The lightest advances in the market are those of road bike and are below 100 g.


Aluminum is the most used material in the construction of current advances, but also some models of best bike us are found in titanium, steel, and even carbon fiber. Some models may also come equipped with titanium screws to decrease a few grams more.



This advancement for mountain biking has a characteristic different from the others. It comes with three rings of different thicknesses, to be placed in the inner part of the socket with the pin. This ring allows the advancement angle to be changed, with a change of four degrees in a ring, two degrees in another and zero degrees in the third, resulting in a total of 10 different mounting angles for the same advancement.


This model is, in fact, a blend of handlebars and integrated single-piece advancement of carbon fiber for the road. The advantage is to have a stiffer part, less maintenance and a low weight in relation to rigidity. However, it is necessary to be sure of the correct measures of both the feed and the handlebar. There is also the model HB 111 for mountain biking.


One of the most innovative mountain biking advances on the market, the Cobalt 11 is made of carbon fiber and has only one Torx bolt on the spindle and one for attaching the handlebars through a proprietary brand system. It weighs only 115 g (a version of 100 mm) and has the back rounded, avoiding injuries in case of an accidental knee of best bike us.


For BMX we have the national option of the MOB with the Color Shot Pro model. Machined in 7075 aluminum, it is available in several anodized colors. The length is 52 mm and the mounting type of the handlebar is a front load. It is compatible with 22.2 mm handlebars and 28.6 mm spigot; its six M8 Allen screws are cast for weight reduction. The entire table weighs 235 g.

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