Acquaintance on a bicycle: a female sight

Acquaintance on a bicycle a female sight

Nothing provokes the spirit of coquetry like on a bicycle. Other modes of transport can, of course, also provide a field of activity for those who explore the power of their charm. An accidental meeting of the eyes, a playfully raised eyebrow or a frankly provocative look – all these tricks from the art of seduction is simply made for the bicycle! In addition, there are other moments accompanying active flirting.  

Rode a bicycle

Judge for yourself: you are hot and slightly out of breath, your body is filled with endorphins (love hormones), and around you are full of the stronger sex, among whom there are such handsome men! In general, the playing field stretched before you, it remains only to sit on the bike and get your reward. And this will help you with the following recommendations.

But first we turn to the guys: do not be timid and shy! So far, imagining yourself a macho, you roll slowly and indecisively on your bike behind the owner of a pretty figure in short tight shorts, the girl on Ashley might be following you and just going crazy about the appearance of your calf muscles that rhythmically pedal! This game is open to everyone. We now turn to the tips. 

Step- 1

Any marketer will tell you that you first need to determine your target audience chooses on a bicycle. Do you want to be surrounded by a crowd of hipsters on fixes or more Ascetic Mountain biking guys? The cycling community is divided into subcultures and, having started the game, you need to understand where and on what grounds you can be taken for your group and best bicycle route planner. You can, of course, wear something universal like a mini-skirt to get “access” to different categories of riders.  

Step- 2

Stunning view, of course, is very important. But on the other hand, how can you win the interest and respect of male cyclists or drivers, if you dissect the city in bright colorful lycra and questionable, from a sports point of view, shoes? Many cyclists maintain style. And if you use a bike ride as a means of seduction, you should look as stylish and sexy as your bike. Do not forget that you have enough rivals around! 

Step- 3

So, you are almost ready. You crave love adventures, you look great, and your goal is determined. But something is missing, right? You have forgotten what should be under you. Well, this is a bicycle! What should it be? If you are not going to go through the mountains, then it is best to choose a one-speed bike. Then you will not have to bother with the topic of gear shifting and you can focus on your main task. A mountain bike in the conditions of the city will look somehow inelegant and impractical.

Step- 4

Finally, the long-awaited moment has come, and here you on a bicycle are on the road. How to behave? Better start carefully. The classic approach is that you drive first behind the object, evaluating it, and then overtake to look at it from the front. But this “classic” in itself will not do anything; anyway, it will be necessary to start a conversation. Aggressive style is inappropriate here. Politeness, good manners and maybe the usual “Hello! Cool is great! ”, Said at the traffic lights – this is what will probably attract his attention. Smiles, winks, and sometimes comic races work well. Men and women on fast bikes are often prone to competition. Ride a race for a decent distance – this is a sure way to gain the trust of a new satellite. An evening sprint to the house in the company of a handsome athlete will give at least pleasant memories of the trip. 

Step- 5

Did you know that the average ratio of boys and girls on bikes is three to one? Right now! Girls, if you are not riding yet, sit on bikes! On dating sites, 65% of users are women, so in cyberspace, the chance to find someone standing, and even in excellent physical form, is much lower. Is it not better to try your hand where you will quickly notice. Think of your capabilities and healthy, active partners.  And in conclusion, it is not at all necessary to limit yourself on the road to some cyclists. Motorcyclists, drivers, and pedestrians are also interesting objects for hunting!

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