Accidents on the trails – How to prevent?

accidents on the trails

Cycling accidents on the trails – How to prevent this? What safety tip do you consider to be of vital importance to a rider? Maybe we prevent this the best cycling of best bike us the complete guideline. Always remedies my bike mission successfully instructions-

The year 2013 ended and was marked by the various accidents and falls of cyclists on the tracks made by groups and friends who ride together.

As we see an increase in the number of cyclists, we also see an increase in the number of accidents involving such cyclists. We must be very careful while running mountain bike because this time the accidents are high.


Accidents on the trails

The statistical data cannot be presented here truthfully; however, the increasingly frequent reports reach the ears and the internet in a sad and worrisome way.

Among these various accidents, there are cases of beginner and experienced cyclists. Unfortunately, one of the villains is the negligence of those involved in wanting to do some more difficult maneuvering accidents on the trails with the bike, passing in the middle of two cyclists without warning, changing lanes without looking back, not using good lighting when descending places on the pedal at night or even by talking very closely with another cyclist.

Some of the above-mentioned negligence caused some cycling friends and partners to stop at the hospital and, in some cases, even need surgery.


In other cases, even warned of killer whales, holes, places of difficult traffic or parts with the possible presence of animals, some did not take the necessary care and ventured too much.

But we can avoid those tumbles that harm the cyclist himself or even the companion that best bike us pedals around. I will describe some tips that we hear a lot on the tracks or after the accidents happen, and about which we have been asked several times:

1 – Always go to the trails with all the protection accessories and the regulated bike.

2 – When riding at night, bring a headlight with good lighting.

3 – Always listen to the more experienced and not abuse the bike.

4 – On rides with many cyclists, in the exchange of track or direction, always look to the sides and back.

5 – When you want to pass a cyclist, let me know. Do not try to pass between two cyclists without warning. Always prefer to pass by the left, as it says in the traffic rule, which is how we are accustomed.

6 – Keep away when talking to another rider so the bike handlebar does not climb on the other and someone goes to the ground. At this stage, we can see- How to ride a bike around the city: How to ride the streets?

7 – Do not descend too fast places you do not know right, regardless of dry or rainy weather.

8 – Do not try to skip some killer or obstacle that you are not 100% certain that you will achieve, or even cross it as many as do.

9 – In descents of a certain speed, to maintain the distance of the cyclist of the front, therefore in case some come to fall, there is time to deflect of the accident.

10 – Always carry a mobile phone in case you need quick help.

Most importantly, be aware of your group and especially be careful about your safety and the safety of your bike companion. After all, we face land, rain and all the conditions that time imposes on us to have fun and to fraternize in a group. Be a conscious cyclist!

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