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Top 5 cycling apps for your workout and best bike us-

There were times when cycling apps was really just you and the bike. Nothing else. Then came cycling computers, heart rate monitors and wattmeter’s, helpful tools that can provide you with useful best bike us information during your training and cycling apps for your workout. Arrived in the 21st century, and smartphones are literally everywhere.

Everything you do becomes easier with the right app on your smartphone. That’s the same with biking, at least in theory. Whether all are suitable, one may doubt. In practice, some apps have really worked out for us.

We’ve put together our top 5 apps for your training and introduce them to you:


Ok, that’s really no surprise. For the keywords bike and app, Strava is actually the first choice, and with good reason. A high level of functionality meets intuitive operation and an extremely active community. You can find new routes and tours, get with segments the best times of other riders for individual sections as motivation boost and of course you can collect all the data best bike us on your tours.

These are all useful tools that you can strategically share with your critically-demanding cycling buddies. “All day, every day”, the motto of the Strava app, is not in it, instead you publish only the data from the next big ride over 4 hours and 3,000 meters in altitude. The rides in best bike us the following days with which you want to kick the pain out of the legs are simply omitted. Even better is the “Wolf-in-Schafspelz” concept: just divide your daily trips to work or the nearest cafe and train quietly and secretly. Your Strava stalker will be surprised.


Training Peaks

Training Peaks is just for you. Upload cycling computers apps every ride and every training session, whether on the bike or on foot. With this training app, you have a constant companion, to which you can entrust all your training data like a diary. Many use Training Peak to evaluate the performance data of their SRM or Garmin and provide critical information such as the onset of fatigue to their personal fitness coach. But basically, it’s also a simple and useful tool to track all your training activities in one place.

You do not have to be an ambitious athlete to exploit the potential of Training Peaks. Operation and functionality are quite simple and not too complicated and even for the casual driver. Simply download the app, record your driven hours and miles, and add more personal information and comments, such as specifics of the route or how you felt during the ride / afterward. The app simplifies everything and allows you, as already mentioned, to include other sports and sessions on your calendar.

For us, the best thing about the app is the total number of hours of training you can find the best bike us on your calendar for each week. You do not need more motivation when you see how your number of hours is slowly but steadily approaching your desired goal.


Sleep Cycle

For all those who take their performance on the bike a little more seriously and at the same time on the best sleep, is the app Sleep Cycle. Because when you meet with your training group in the early morning to the tour, one question is quite sure: “How did you sleep?”. Still totally sleepy, you answer with phrases like “very good” or “too short”, but you cannot really come up with sound statements. Logically, as well?

There is Sleep Cycle for that. Then you can specify the quality of your sleep in percent. So next time someone asks you how well you slept, you can say, “I had a 98% sleep quality. And you so? “Answer. If we compare our Starve segments daily, why not compare our sleep score?

How does it work? The micro or accelerometer of your smartphone captures the depth of your sleep and what sleep cycle you are in and calculates how restful the night was for you. Cool Bonus: The alarm function works right after your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the best time of cycling apps so you do not get completely bruised when you need to get up. Perfect for biking in the early morning.

The results are fascinating. If you have a hard week or a mild cold and sleep quality compared to the previous week, the differences become apparent. Even if you look at the night before a good ride to best bike us, you can see that in most cases the sleep quality was particularly good. Good sleep helps.


Seconds Pro

Interval training is such a thing. That it brings something is undisputed, but also to stick to the set goals and times, more often a different one. If your instructor tells you “20 seconds sprint, 20 seconds rest, 20 seconds sprint, etc.”, you’ll find that the 20 seconds quickly become 19 or 18 seconds while you staring at the stopwatch and fanatically you just wish it was over. Seconds Pro helps you make the most of your intervals and accurately compare laps.

The training app allows you to program your interval sessions, tells you the next sections, and counts you in and out at each interval, so you can focus on yourself and the road, not all the time look at the clock. The clear layout makes it easy and fast to create new intervals and evaluate data. Another highlight: music synchronization. The app allows you to select cycling apps and play music according to the interval and its intensity, or simply to integrate other music apps.



Also not really an insider tip of the app world, and certainly one with many good alternatives. Spotify is currently the best music app for us, especially because of the easy-to-create playlist and offline availability feature. A playlist tailored to your mood and training session works wonders, and you do not need to set up a gigabyte music library on your phone to put together a playlist. If you’re lacking in your own music skills, you can choose cycling apps from hundreds and best bike us of ready-made gym or workout playlists.

Do you have other app tips for training in stock? Then write us in the comments!

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