Internet on a bicycle trip – best cycling navigation apps

best cycling navigation apps

Internet on a bicycle trip best cycling navigation apps (and not only cycling) will be useful to everyone. Not only addicted to the daily portion of messages and e-mail. I will mention a few ways to use the Internet in different conditions and several applications that you can use. Sometimes my friends laughed a bit at me that I check something on Google on the phone.

Only that afterward, when they needed to cycling training apps know something very much, they would come quickly to me. You cannot get away from modernity, and often check certain information on the Internet, while you are on the road – it saves us a lot of precious time. He will not run away from modernity, and for the ’93 and younger generation, a world without digital life was practically non-existent ๐Ÿ™‚ If only someone invented better batteries in mobile devices, it would be a total revolution.


How to use the Internet? Turn by turn navigation cycling

1) Of course, a mobile phone cyclemeter android app is irreplaceable. It does not necessarily have to be a smartphone with a great touchscreen; it eats the battery very quickly, especially when there is a poor range – just a regular phone that can be used to install Opera Mini – a good and free internet browser for the phone. But all the same as the phone we take, on a long trip it is worth having something with you that will allow you to charge the battery in your phone without connecting it to the outlet. Here I mentioned a few ways.

2) Another way to use the internet when you leave is the netbook. The netbook is a small laptop (the most often 10 “display), having only what is necessary to browse the internet (and not only). Read – does not have less and less need in laptops DVD drive, the processor does not speed, and the disk is not huge. But it can work on batteries for several hours.

Some netbooks have a built-in modem; all you need to do is insert the SIM card. But you can also connect your phone to it.


The advantage of the netbook is the best cycling navigation apps additionally the ability to watch some film in the evening (though after a hard day of pedaling, doubtful that someone would like it).ย When cycling apps were really just you and the bike. Top 5 cycling navigation apps for your workout


3) Kindle – an e-book reader from Amazon. This is a very interesting offer for everyone who goes somewhere beyond the borders of our country. Kindle version 2 and 3 has a built-in 3G modem. It would not be surprising if it was not for the fact that in over 100 countries – the internet in Kindle is free!

Admittedly, the use safest bike route app of the Internet on this device is not 100% refined and you have to get used to the e-ink technology (i.e. electronic paper) – but being abroad for a long time – the purchase will pay back quickly. Of course, the functionality of reading e-books, listening to audiobooks and other additions are also available.

An additional advantage of Kindle is its weight. It is very thin and light. And it can work without charging the battery for a very long time.


What to use the internet on the trip

There are plenty of applications on how to use gpx files with Google maps, some useful more – others less. Nevertheless, it is good to have them on hand in case of something.

1) Finding accommodation in the area – it is useful when you go without their prior planning

2) Checking the upcoming weather

3) Checking the map if you do not have a traditional GPS or

4) Check information about places worth visiting in a given place

5) Check vocabulary, if we do not have a vocabulary

6) Searching for help in solving a problem with a bicycle, a tent, etc.

Of course, Cycling Tips also work on mobile devices ๐Ÿ™‚

7) Using an online mushroom atlas (it’s better to do it carefully)

8) Life shows that there will be many more many applications that we did not even think about before…


It’s worth having the best cycle route planner app an internet connection with you. Not as a necessary evil – only as an aid in emergency situations. The mobile phone is ideal for this. Netbook – this is obviously the equipment for the most addicted to the network – generally, I do not recommend the bike.

Kindle – it’s a different matter. It is small and light, and free internet is very tempting to take it abroad.

Being away is worth remembering to charge the equipment. I described this in the article about charging a mobile phone away.

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