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Best Bike us- is an online-themed bike center. Where a visitor can get all the information or services about bicycles. When we agree to buy a bike, we have different questions. Like how to buy a bike? Which is useful for me? Can I buy a good bike? How will the bicycle price? Etc.

Many more such questions arise in our minds. I hope – the person who bought a new bike will get all the information from this blog. This blog basically gives all the information related to cycling or the online visitor’s pleasure to the people. There is no other purpose.


8 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Cheap Bike

Go to any Carrefour, Extra, Centauro or Decathlon store, or visit sites like Extra, American, Submarino, and several others, and you’ll find mountain bikes and speeds for values that can range from $ 500 to $ 1500, some even famous brands like Caloi, Mongoose, GT, Cannondale, Trek, Specialized, among others.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can definitely get out of one of these shops with a bike!

Depending on the type of use that will give the new bike, you can buy excellent equipment that will fully satisfy you …

However the objectives of the Bike Tribe are, say, more sporting … That is … The MTB and cycling on a level higher than just the recreational!

So you need to be aware that the bike you are going to buy at one of these stores may not be exactly what you expected, and expectations about the sport may be thwarted.

So we want to clarify a few things before you buy your bike in a department store, not a specialty store.

This content is also for you to answer those questions that always ask us:

  • I can buy a mountain bike, to start, for about $ 1500?
  • Why buy a bike that costs the value of a motorcycle?
  • How much does a bike cost to make some trails? What? All this!?!?


1- You’ll find some reliable brands

You want a good car. You cannot pay for a Corolla, but you also do not want an Uno … Then you buy a Strada. With the bikes, the story is the same! You cannot or do not want a top, but you do not want a “basiquinha” either. Looking good it is possible to buy a good entry bike or MTB in department stores. Centauro, for example, sells GT, Caloi, and Trek simpler. Decathlon has a brand called Btwin that has satisfactory input models. If the money is short and you want to take advantage of, for example, the benefit of paying in 10 xs on the card, make sure you find what you are looking for.


2- Do not expect too many options

These stores have few or no customization options. You will enter Carrefour and you will find a series of pre-assembled bikes where you will not be able to change a saddle, replace the tires or simply add a caramanna holder. This will all have to be done in another store. If the bike’s wrists are not comfortable, you’ll have to go out with them, and then spend some extra money to change.


3- The settings will be on your

When you buy a bike in a good bike shop the bike fit is usually included. That is, you will leave the store with the bike ready for “you”! Although some stores are changing this (Decathlon, for example, today already has workshops inside its stores), in general, you will have to take the bike and take it in an external workshop. Many times it will not even come assembled. If the purchase is via the internet there is no way … You have to take in a workshop! Brands like Caloi have technical assistance in many places and usually, they already send you a voucher so you can ride the bike in an accredited shop, at no cost.


4- Trademark components will come with lower specs

The guy buys a bike and claims that it is great because it came with disc brakes, Shimano gears, and front bumper. But it is not known that the brakes are mechanical, of the most generic … That the relation is Shimano Tourney, and that the suspension is a Spinner of spring 70mm. I mean, you had better not! To maintain price competitiveness, the bikes sold in this type of store comes with basic configurations. Remember that Shimano goes from Tourney (full ratio for $ 300) to XTR Di (full ratio goes from $ 4000). What happens a lot is to ride the bikes with intermediate groups and “sculpt” the components like saddle, handlebars, canoes, wheels … For they already know that the relationship, brakes, and suspension are that they attract the consumer. You have to be aware of this!


5- The bike will be heavy, most probably

The central concern is not just about weight but about the quality of some components. Do not expect the same performance of a bike bought at department stores compared to bikes bought at specialty stores. In principle insignificant characteristics, when added together, will make a difference: quality of spokes, cables, handles, tires, etc. In addition, these components are usually much lower, they are also heavier. The frame, one of the most expensive items on asphalt bikes and MTB, most of the time are from very basic lines of brands. Do not expect bold geometries, light weights or shock absorption. They will not! Do not forget that the main goal is to reduce the cost.


6- But there is still hope!

If at this time you cannot get a bike with higher level, go in the same basic. Later you can invest in upgrades. This means that in the future you may be replacing some parts and increasing the quality of your bike.


7- Keep an eye out for the following items

When buying a bike, especially the most basic, some items should be considered to ensure comfort, performance and minimal safety:

Brakes need to be good (and this means that they should be to disk and hydraulic, from good brands like Shimano, Avid, Rotor, Tektro, Formula, for example)

The saddle needs to be comfortable (and this means you should wear shorts or bretelle and test)

You should look for brands such as Continental, Maxxis, Kenda, Pirelli, Ritchey, Levorin, for example)

The ratio must be adequate for the use (and this means that if you live in Minas Gerais, it’s no use buying a 21-gaff bike with 11 × 32 ratchets, as it will suffer! What I mean is that you should seek knowledge about what is the best gear ratio for the type of pedal you will make)


And the most important


Above all that was said … Buy the bike!

Most important best bike us of all is pedaling. If at this moment you cannot invest more than $ 3000 to get a bike of entry in minimum conditions for the practice of sports of the MTB or Cycling, buy the one that gives and goes to peddler!

Then … You ride a better bike and enjoy better life…